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  • Christmas 2010
  • Home sweet home

    Home sweet home

    After 28 hours of flying and airports, from Bangkok to Taipei, Taipei to LA and then LA to Vancouver, we finally made it home. Exhausted and excited we exited the baggage/customs area of the Vancouver airport to a group of fabulous, supportive friends. Dale, Kate, Katy, Brianna, Colin, and Mike thank you so much for…

  • Happy Birthday Bridget!

    Happy Birthday Bridget!

    It was our niece Bridget’s birthday yesterday. She’s a whopping EIGHT! That’s like almost a whole decade. Pretty soon she’ll be driving cars and scuba diving and pretty much anything else she decides to want to do. For now, I think she’ll be concentrating on learning how to rollerblade, which we think is pretty AWESOME.…

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you

    Thank you, thank you, thank you

    Wow! Who knew turning 30 would be such a blast. I just want to say thanks to everyone for the kind wishes (especially Laura for arranging so many neat surprises). We had another party last night here at Christine’s place in Piacenza. It was a funeral theme, and all of Christine’s international school friends came…

  • A Month in Lanciano

    A Month in Lanciano

    I know I can speak for Laura as well when I say that we found it difficult to leave Lanciano. As I write this, we’re speeding north in a cozy train compartment toward Piacenza, Italy to see our friend Christine. Laura is napping on the seats across from me, lines of sunlight and shadow moving…

  • Lanciano, Laura’s old stomping grounds

    Lanciano, Laura’s old stomping grounds



    I hope everyone had a lovely Easter.  Here in Lanciano, Easter is a pretty big deal with parades and marching bands going around the town nearly everyday since last Thursday. Chris captured some amazing shots of the Easter parade this past Thursday. We’ve been relaxing in Lanciano with my good friend Cristina (who I call “Cris)…

  • Dilek National Park: a hike gone wrong, but with good friends to share the misery

    Dilek National Park: a hike gone wrong, but with good friends to share the misery

    It was a chance encounter. We had met Petrit and Gloria only the morning prior, as we ate breakfast in Selcuk and prepared to go our separate ways. They told us about their trip, and we learned that theirs was remarkably similar in both scope and itinerary to our own. We had each been in…

  • Some snap shots
  • Vancouver, B.C., Canada

    Vancouver, B.C., Canada

    As promised, here are some of the photos we got in Vancouver. We’re in London now, and after walking for about 10 hours yesterday (we estimated about 14km), we have a ton of photos from here already, but first things first. Although it is my intent to write more once we get a bit more…

  • Dinner at the Millers’

    Dinner at the Millers’

    Fresh mussels. Shrimp.  Steak. Asparagus. Broccoli. Zucchini. I love food. Des, Dale, myself and Chris all did different tasks to create an amazing dinner at the Millers’ place. The next day we went to Dale’s parents house (also Millers) for dinner. Margie whipped up a fantastic red meat pasta sauce which we washed down with…

  • It’s the final countdown

    It’s the final countdown

    Only 10 more days. Now I’m getting excited. Woo-hoo!!!! We had a huge turkey and ham dinner with Chris’ aunts, uncles, mom and dad. Son and dad bonded with Uncle Dave over a game of snooker. Dad won.

  • Sorrento, B.C., Canada

    After a grueling overnight in the G-hound, we finally made it south to warmer climes. We’ve been in my parent’s adopted hometown of Sorrento, B.C. now for about three days, and I tell you, retirement living has never had it so easy. It’s about 4 degrees celsius, which is downright balmy for a Canadian January,…