We are Chris and Laura Beauchamp, professional photographers with a business based in Alberta, Canada. We married in 2008. This is our old travel blog, started in September of 2010 when life led us to pack up our Calgary household, move on from our day jobs and go traveling for eight months. We visited 11 countries, but highlights for us included Turkey, Italy, Iran, Morocco and Thailand.

We have also had a couple trips since then, including three weeks driving around the southwestern USA, a month driving around Italy, and a month in South America. So poke around and check it all out. Finally, our close friend Dale used this space to blog about his own trip to India in 2010, so you might come across a couple guest posts from him.

If you’d like to get in touch, please drop us a comment (we love comments!) or seek us out at our photography website. You can also find our photography business page and a page dedicated to this blog on Facebook.

Chris + Laura

Chris Beauchamp Photo

Chris Beauchamp is a Canadian photographer and filmmaker with a passion for travel and a love for new projects.

Laura Beauchamp

Laura Beauchamp is a teacher at heart, with a lifelong love for learning and enjoying new experiences. Her career has included education program development and management for museums and protected areas. Currently she teaches belly dance in St. Albert, AB.


Guest Contributors

Dale Miller

Dale Miller is the editor of Pacific Yachting magazine. He traveled to India with his family in 2010 and blogged about it here in April and May 2010.

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