As promised, here are some of the photos we got in Vancouver. We’re in London now, and after walking for about 10 hours yesterday (we estimated about 14km), we have a ton of photos from here already, but first things first.

Although it is my intent to write more once we get a bit more used to life on the road, for now I think I’ll let the pictures do (most of) the talking.

Colin gave us a few rides in his Bronco, including from the G-hound station. What a guy.

Nerds on ice. Photo by Brianna.

Laura is graceful like a gazelle, except when she fell on her bum (which may have been partially my fault. sorry babe!).

Later on we met Katy and Kendall for a movie and a pint. Katy's a journamalist.

Brianna's cat Seepo clearly wants to do some traveling of his own. Unfortunately, we had to leave him behind.

Pig on pig: Des made Dale his meal of choice for his birthday--Pancetta bacon wrapped on a juicy pork roast. It was indeed porkalicious.

Over 10 pigs died to bring us this meal.

As usual, Dale does all the work while everyone else stands around. Actually, that's not usual at all.

Des made Dale half a birthday cake. She also made us half a going-away cake (notice the word "BYE" on the right). Aside from being an awesome new-Mom, she's also a master baker.

Group shot!

Laura and Isla-bean. What a couple of cuties.

Bath time! Rubber ducky you're so fun!

Okay, this one's not Vancouver, but I didn't have time to post it before. Laura rocks out with the Malibu Knights in Kelowna. Dean (on bass) put us up. Woot.