Ice Fishing! For Day 3 we drove onto Prosperous Lake for ice fishing, something Chris and I have never done. Like clockwork, shortly after finding our location, the clouds pushed aside and showered us in sun. The temperature was a balmy -6 degrees as Chris and Glenn took turns using the auger to drill through the 3 foot thick ice. Unlike clockwork, we sat there for a few hours and didn’t catch anything. Ha, ha. Oh well, it was still a marvellous, new, adventure.  
  One day Glenn and Chris, while drinking, thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to travel to northern Canada, to Yellowknife, together”. I texted Eliza, Glenn’s wife, and asked, “Are the guys serious about Yellowknife? Is it just a guys trip or can we go too?” So here we are. Sitting under the northern lights as I type this. Glenn’s staring out the giant windows of living room and Chris and I just unbundled from bracing the cold for about 50 minutes watching the lights and maveuvering our camera around. This is an adult road trip. It makes me giggle and so happy to have a road trip with others again. There are five of us: Glenn and Eliza, Chris and I and Erika (her equal half couldn’t make it due to work). We drove the 1, 185 kilometres on Saturday March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day) from Grande Prairie, Alberta to…Continue Reading
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It’s been a while since we’ve posted. Our lives have been incredible busy since we moved to Grande Prairie in September 2010. I can’t believe it’s been over 1 year. Our two businesses we started are going great Beauchamp Creative and Beauchamp Photography, we volunteer for the Reel Shorts Film Festival, I belly dance and volunteer to dance at events, Chris does indoor rock climbing, we dable at some skiing and cross country skiing in the winter and I’m thinking Yoga and choir for winter which lies ahead of us. Here’s a video of what my friend and I like to call “The Opus” of belly dancing. It’s a 6 minute and 40 second dance we performed for the first time at a Christmas Festival called the Festival of Trees in Grande Prairie.  
I’m happy to say that our bellydancing performance went well yesterday! The entire theatre sold out, and seven of the seats were filled with my loved ones and friends. It was pretty special for me to look out and see my mother-in-law, two nieces, husband, sister-in-law and two friends. The entire evening was three hours long. Below is a video of two of the dances my class performed. I’m in the green outfit in the front. Enjoy. -Laura- Grande Prairie Regional Bellydancing Performace Night, June 4, 2011 from Chris Beauchamp on Vimeo. The first dance is a Fan Veil dance followed by a Drum dance. Dancers: Laura Beauchamp, Macia Bell, Linda, Shirene, Deidre, Carrie, Julie, Christina, Shauna and Oksana.  
When I got the invitation to the Purple Party, I asked the same question you’re probably thinking, “What the hell is a purple party?” It’s quite simply actually. The name is telling you exactly what it is. It’s a party where everyone wears as much purple as they can.  Then of course all the decorations, drinks and food will be purple as well. In this case, Abby, the host loves purple so the decor of the appartment is actually what inspired the theme of the party. Unfortunately this evening I was more interested in talking and drinking then documenting the decor. However, I did manage to catch a couple shots of some of the lovely purple people that attended.  
Here are some still photographs for you to enjoy of the belly dance I performed with my class at a festival here in Grande Prairie. Below this post you can watch a video of our dance. Enjoy.  
Chris and I have reached our new home, Grande Prairie. Today the sun was shining on the fluffy cumulus clouds and the air smelt of the end of summer as I looked upon the solid yellow trees. It was our first full day in Grande Prairie. Chris and I visited the local TELUS store to find out the plans and information regarding purchasing an iPhone. My mind felt jumbled and confused. The over manicured, over made-up woman provided us with the worst customer service possible, but that was really no surprise since it was TELUS. Chris and I then roamed many aisles in a nearby store looking for toothpaste, hairspray, razors and shaving cream. The prices made us both overwhelmed, depressed and stressed out. We had to stick together just help support one another through the aisles. Canada is expensive compared to S.E. Asia. I knew that. I just didn’t…Continue Reading
After 28 hours of flying and airports, from Bangkok to Taipei, Taipei to LA and then LA to Vancouver, we finally made it home. Exhausted and excited we exited the baggage/customs area of the Vancouver airport to a group of fabulous, supportive friends. Dale, Kate, Katy, Brianna, Colin, and Mike thank you so much for welcoming us home!