Regional Belly Dance Show in Grande Prairie

I’m happy to say that our bellydancing performance went well yesterday! The entire theatre sold out, and seven of the seats were filled with my loved ones and friends. It was pretty special for me to look out and see my mother-in-law, two nieces, husband, sister-in-law and two friends.

The entire evening was three hours long. Below is a video of two of the dances my class performed. I’m in the green outfit in the front. Enjoy. -Laura-

Grande Prairie Regional Bellydancing Performace Night, June 4, 2011 from Chris Beauchamp on Vimeo.

The first dance is a Fan Veil dance followed by a Drum dance.

Dancers: Laura Beauchamp, Macia Bell, Linda, Shirene, Deidre, Carrie, Julie, Christina, Shauna and Oksana.


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  1. Just as lovely the second time around Laura….I truly enjoyed it and was very happy and proud to be there. Thanks again.

    Love always…Mom

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