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It’s been a while since we’ve posted. Our lives have been incredible busy since we moved to Grande Prairie in September 2010. I can’t believe it’s been over 1 year. Our two businesses we started are going great Beauchamp Creative and Beauchamp Photography, we volunteer for the Reel Shorts Film Festival, I belly dance and volunteer to dance at events, Chris does indoor rock climbing, we dable at some skiing and cross country skiing in the winter and I’m thinking Yoga and choir for winter which lies ahead of us. Here’s a video of what my friend and I like to call “The Opus” of belly dancing. It’s a 6 minute and 40 second dance we performed for the first time at a Christmas Festival called the Festival of Trees in Grande Prairie.  
I’m happy to say that our bellydancing performance went well yesterday! The entire theatre sold out, and seven of the seats were filled with my loved ones and friends. It was pretty special for me to look out and see my mother-in-law, two nieces, husband, sister-in-law and two friends. The entire evening was three hours long. Below is a video of two of the dances my class performed. I’m in the green outfit in the front. Enjoy. -Laura- Grande Prairie Regional Bellydancing Performace Night, June 4, 2011 from Chris Beauchamp on Vimeo. The first dance is a Fan Veil dance followed by a Drum dance. Dancers: Laura Beauchamp, Macia Bell, Linda, Shirene, Deidre, Carrie, Julie, Christina, Shauna and Oksana.  
On Sunday, November 21, 2010, I performed belly dance in public for the very first time. My friend Marcia and I signed up to take a belly dance class together here in Grande Prairie from Oksana at Moondance Shimmy. The class started in September. We met every Tuesday for 1-hour and our teacher taught us one dance. It was quite the experience making the costume (thank you Robin) and the papermache jug (which my mom greatly helped me with). Our next class starts in March and in May we’ll have a final dance recital where we’ll be doing the dance we performed this past Sunday, as well as two more dances we have yet to learn. While traveling the world one of the things I promised myself was to take dance classes and perform for people. I have accomplished that goal! Here is a video of our dance. My teacher…Continue Reading