The Gibbon Experience, in Pseudo-HD

Some of you may remember the Gibbon Experience from previous posts on the blog.

The Gibbon Experience is a conservation project in northwestern Laos based on eco-tourism. Apparently the local people were hunting the gibbons to extinction before a conservation group helped them to transform that lifestyle into sustainable project.

Tourists who pay for a chance to visit the Bokeo Nature Preserve also get to sleep in tree houses connected by a remarkable zip line network. We went for three days and had a fantastic time.

The project is set up to employ as many locals as possible so as to spread the relative wealth. Although some of the trekking was a bit arduous in the humid jungle, the whole experience was fantastic. Check it out if you’re heading to Laos.


The music in this is by Canadian singer-songwriter Dan Mangan.

The video was edited together quickly using iMovie. Please excuse some of the poor quality shots. This thing was filmed with a small Canon point-and-shoot camera in the sweaty jungle. We were far more concerned with having a good time than getting award-winning cinematography.


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