Author: Chris

  • Orvieto, Bolsena, Civita di Bagnoregio

    Orvieto, Bolsena, Civita di Bagnoregio

    Today’s photo roundup is brought to you by the amazing hill towns of Central Italy. This region is remarkable for its rich history, agricultural output (and resulting food and wine), natural beauty, and wealth of things to see and do. We only had a couple of days, but managed to take in a lot. Due…

  • The Road to Monte Cassino

    The Road to Monte Cassino

    From Gargana, we decided to drive across Italy and then up the Mediterranean side of the peninsula toward the hill towns of Tuscany and Umbria. Along the way, we ended up spending the night in the shadow of Monte Cassino, home of a famous 6th century Abbey, as well as the scene of a ferocious and…

  • Firenze by Night

    Firenze by Night

    We are in a place called Promontoria de Gargana, which is the little nub on the heel of Italy. Gargana is a national park, and a very beautiful peninsula. We’re in full-on hippy mode now, living in our Westfalia. More on that eventually. For now, enjoy some images from a few days ago of Florence…

  • Faces of David
  • Rome Tourist Blitz

    Rome Tourist Blitz



    We just arrived in Florence, having walked 15 minutes from the train station. We have three days in Florence in a grand apartment with a view across the Arno (thanks Air BnB!), and tonight we’re off to a cooking class (thanks Christine and Mike!). Anyway, I thought I would post a few images from yesterday’s…

  • Roma




    After getting settled early yesterday and dropping off our (too-heavy) bags in our hotel, we hit the streets to reorient ourselves with this great city. After walking (and walking, and walking), we managed to take in the major sites. Today, we’re off to St. Peter’s and the Vatican museum. For now, enjoy a few of…

  • A few images from Rapa Nui

    A few images from Rapa Nui

    As happens on our longer trips we have fallen behind in blogging. For that, you can blame Rapa Nui itself, thanks to ample summertime sun, tons to see and do, and often frustratingly slow internet connections on the island. Also, you can blame us, because who wants to blog in a place like this? We…

  • Faces of Mercado San Telmo

    Faces of Mercado San Telmo

    Laura and I had a nice time wandering Buenos Aires’ San Telmo barrio on our first day in BA. Every Sunday San Telmo hosts a very popular open air market with antiques, trinkets, and souvenirs galore. There is also a permanent market just off Defensa. Wandering through it, Laura suggested we ask some of the…

  • Termal Cacheuta

    Termal Cacheuta

    We splurged and spent a day at the spa outside of Mendoza. Highlights included mud baths, pools of several temperatures, a giant buffet lunch (including tons of asado — Argentine barbecue), and a wonderful swim in the nearby river canyon. This kind of thing is super popular with Argentines, as evidenced by the busload of…

  • ¡Tango!


    You do not choose Tango. Tango chooses… me. – Chris Beauchamp My wife Laura is an amazing dancer. She’s grown up in dance classes. Jazz. Ballet. Ballroom. Belly dance. Hip hop. She’s done it all. On stage, even. Musical theatre? Dance clubs? No sweat. Think you can lead? She’ll follow, easily. Hell, she’ll lead. She…

  • Chilean Cooking Class

    Chilean Cooking Class

    We had a really great time taking a Chilean cooking class in Valparaíso. We met our guide and chef, Vlad, in a coffee shop on Sotomayar Square. We also met our new American friends and cooking buddies Tamara and Chris, who would be joining us for the class. These two are enjoying a very cool…

  • Street art of Valparaíso

    Street art of Valparaíso

    Today: lots of walking around Chile’s hilliest, most-touristed, slightly sketchy, very diverse, major port city: Valparaíso, followed by a gourmet dinner overlooking the port. Tomorrow: a trip to the mercado and all-day Chilean cooking classes with a local chef. For now: some snapshots of local street art. Enjoy! Chris p.s. – all of these photos…