Laura’s photos from The Gibbon Experience in Laos



I know you all enjoyed Chris’s wonderfully entertaining post about The Gibbon Experience in Laos, but I also thought my collection of photos might help flesh it out. I am kicking myself now because I took many photos with our point shoot and the quality/focus/exposure of them cannot compare to my 550D Canon.

Chris grabbed my camera and shoot this awesome lizard who was hanging out on a tree by the building where we returned out harnesses to the guides. (550D Canon photo)
Palms are not the most welcoming and fuzzy plants growing in the Laos forest. Fortunately I only tried to grab onto a palm once to save my balance while my feet slipped around in the mud. (point shoot photo)
I was amazed at the pattern of this bark. Apparently it is a Vaticadyeri tree. (Point shoot photo)
Chris coming in for a landing. (Point shoot photo)
Some berries I saw growing here and there as we walked the rugged trails. (Point shoot photo)
The bigger of these mushrooms was probably only 2 centimeters in diameter. Both clung onto a decaying trunk sticking four feet into the air. (Point shoot photo)
Ahead you can make out Ben, our hiking buddy, turning the corner. Now look at the size of the bamboo! Unbelievable. I had no idea it grew to such sizes. (Point shoot photo)
We stumbled upon this 5-inch praying mantis sitting in the middle of our trail. As we tried to take his photo and a video he every so slowly leaned away from us, as if in discuss. I wish he was all in focus, but the point shoot just couldn't do it. We did however get an excellent little video of him. Once we're back home Chris and I plan on blogging the things we never told you about and making videos for your enjoyment.
The gang from Tree House #3, Chris, Laura, Ben and Ron. This was at the end of our adventure.
The hills and mountains folding over one another. This was just one beautiful view we experienced from our tree house. (550D Canon photo)
Chris couldn't resist snapping a photo of me with they way the sun lit up my face. I was enjoying a cup of tea in our tree house. (550D Canon photo)
Chris zip lining. (550D Canon photo)
Chris preparing to take the plunge. Look at the view! (550D Canon photo)
It's a long way down. (550D Canon photo)
Chris having a "time out" for a little meditation in tree house #5.
Chris enjoying a cup of coffee and our view of the Laos rain forest. (550D Canon photo)
Tree House #3, our home during our Gibbon Experience.
There are hundreds of butterflies in Laos and Thailand. The only time I have ever seen so many different varieties of butterflies is in the Calgary Zoo. Therefore, if you're a butterfly lover, you must visit the islands and forests of Thailand and the forests of Laos. (550D Canon photo)
Another beautiful butterfly. (550D Canon photo)


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  2. Heh. What’s it like livin’ with Rambo there, Laura?

    I love watching what you come up with behind the lens. You always find the great little details all us arrogant photo nerds miss. Plus, you never let that handsome model you lug around with you everywhere go to waste. Great stuff!

    1. Laura Beauchamp Avatar
      Laura Beauchamp

      Ah! Thanks Tait. You make me smile. Can’t wait to give you a BIG hug! See you soon. -Laura-

  3. Laura your photos are absolutely lovely. You certainly have the knack for seeing the beauty in nature.Even the bugs and lizards are cute.

    Looking forward to seeing you two soon.

    Lots a love…Mom

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