Salmon run, quadding, camping and 2nd wedding anniversary

Lots of stuff does happen in three weeks. Here are a few photos to highlight our life so far since returning to Canada.

Ah! Good to be back in beautiful Alberta.
We were sad to say goodbye to Kate, who drove all the way from Calgary to Vancouver to welcome us home. She then proceeded to drive us from Vancouver to Sorrento, where Chris's parents live. What a trooper and amazing friend! Love you Kate.
I love Burt's Bees. Who's with me? This Burt's Bees lip balm for ~$5.79 Canadian travelled around the globe with me during our epic 8-month trip. In fact I even had it for a few months before we left!
We were fortunate enough to see the start of the Salmon run while in Sorrento B.C. visiting Chris's family and retrieving our belongings. Every four years the Sockeye Salmon return to the river where they were born. They find a mate and after laying and fertilizing thousands and thousands of eggs they die. This was the largest group of Salmon we spotted. If you go to the same river now (September 27, 2010) you would probably see an astronomical increase in the number of Salmon.

A Salmon struggles to swim in the shallow water. Other dead Sockeye already bloat in the water.
It is amazing how much power they have.
Donna and Graham, Chris's mom and dad, took us to see the Salmon run!
While walking through the woods near Sorrento B.C. and enjoying the Salmon run, I also noticed this lovely spider web.
Chris and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary this past Monday, September 20, 2010. We enjoyed a fabulous meal at Padrino's Italian Ristorante located within the Best Western in Grande Prairie. Moments before arriving to the restaurant Chris and I signed the 1-year lease to rent a beautiful 4-bedroom/2-full bathroom duplex. It'll be great to have our own home again. (And we'll have more than a couch for you to sleep on Tait!)
Chris jumped feet first into his new life here by going quadding with the boys, our very first weekend in town. Chris got so much mud and dust in his eyes that he was literally crying mud for a few day following. Not to mention that his eyes looked like both had been stung by a jelly fish.
Dean, my brother-in-law, sporting his quad and completing the primary colour theme with his jumper.
This past weekend, September 25 & 26, Chris and I went camping in Canada for the first time since August 2009! Â We sincerely enjoyed a lovely weekend at Saskatoon Island Provincial Park campground. Â We went with our friends Marcia and Phil who just moved to Grande Prairie from Edmonton. Phil is also my co-worker at the Pipestone Creek Dinosaur Initiative. He is THE palaeontologist and I am the Education Coordinator. Together we shall rule the world! Muah, ha, ha. (lol) No, together, along with the rest of the team, we endeavor to create a world reknown dinosaur museum in Wembley Alberta, 19 kilometers west of Grande Prairie. Marcia is a junior high teacher.
Phil loves tea. About 2-3 times a day while camping he would perform this Australian tea ritual. He very much prefers loose leaf tea and takes the time and effort to carefully prepare his brew even while camping. In his hand you can see Phil is holding a stainless steal pot, that is much loved judging by how black it is from the many fires that have heated it. Once the water and tea leaves were boiling, Phil removed the pot from the fire and swung it around in a circular motion. The spinning motion caused the tea leaves to settle to the bottom of the pot.
Phil completing his tea ritual by pouring the good tasting brew into a patiently waiting camping mug.


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