CONTEST: Where in the World is the Lovely Lady Laura?

#1 – Guess the countries and win a prize! Post your guesses in the comments and we'll ship a souvenir to the winner.

I have been spending the past three weeks working my butt off on my new Grande Prairie business endeavours. On the photo side of this work, this has meant pouring over thousands of images I’ve taken in the last five years to compile as comprehensive a photo portfolio as possible. This has been fun, at times, but it’s also made my eyes cross a little bit too. Phew. It’s all organized now though, and you can see my brand spanking new photography website here.

As part of this, of course, I went through our travel photos, and this made it painfully clear to me just how much blogging we still have to do to share our full trip. As a couple travelling together we spent a LOT of time together, and of course, snapped a lot of pictures of each other. So, post-trip blog number 1 (for me at least) will be my favourites of the shots I got of my lovely wife from our jaunt around the globe. These seventeen images are from eight different countries. If you think you can name all eight, let us know in the comments. Whoever gets the closest to all seventeen correct answers will get a special souvenir from our trip!

(And yes, most of these have already been published on our blog, so you can go back and cheat if you want, but some others are brand new.)

Do your best!


#2 – Where's Laura? She doesn't even know…
#17 – This is one of my favourite shots from the whole trip, by the way.


2 responses to “CONTEST: Where in the World is the Lovely Lady Laura?”

  1. Christine Campbell Avatar
    Christine Campbell

    These are my guesses!

    1 : Ankor Wat – Cambodia
    2 : Thailand ?
    3 : Vietnam ?
    4 : west Coast trail BC
    5 : Morocco !
    6 : Essouid Morocco ?
    7 : Transylvania Romania !
    8 : Near Atlas mountains, Morocco
    9 : Iran (tehran ?)
    10 : Alberta ?
    11 : Market in Tehran
    12 : Romania
    13 : Bangkok ?
    14 : Thailand (beach Island)
    15 : Alberta ?
    16 : Vietnam
    17 : Lanciano !

    1. barbara Avatar

      Im guessing, Lanciano !
      it has water and beautiful lands and also towns.

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