Iran: This is one of the murals painted (and repainted, again and again) on the old American Embassy in Tehran. The Embassy now houses some of the young hardline right-wing organizations. About 95% of the Iranians we met are outwardly embarrassed by sentiments like this one. We even had people on the street whisper things to us like: "Ahmadinejad: terrorist!"

Italy: A "creatively" named energy drink.

Cambodia: We chuckle because it's so horrible. It's a way to deal with a place that requires signs like this one. There were actually bones that are eroding out of the ground here; just like we are used to at dinosaur bone beds. Only this time, they're human bones.

Iran: Eff-Eh-Gee is the acronym for an autoparts company. No further explanation needed.

Italy: This one makes me go "aaaahhhhh." A Syrah wine named after both my mom (Donna) and my wife (Laura). Of course we had to buy a bottle. It wasn't too bad!

Thailand: We've shown this one before. We were disappointed by the overall lack of Engrish in SE Asia. Guess we'll have to go to Japan next.

London: The Beauchamp. Hmmm. Nice ring to that.

Morocco: Maybe some of the French speakers can fill us in on this one. It just seemed so literal...

London: "Yup, she's one old broad." Named after the Queen perhaps? Uh, oh, now I'm going to have the monarchists after me.