Lost in Translation

Iran: This is one of the murals painted (and repainted, again and again) on the old American Embassy in Tehran. The Embassy now houses some of the young hardline right-wing organizations. About 95% of the Iranians we met are outwardly embarrassed by sentiments like this one. We even had people on the street whisper things to us like: "Ahmadinejad: terrorist!"
Italy: A "creatively" named energy drink.
Cambodia: We chuckle because it's so horrible. It's a way to deal with a place that requires signs like this one. There were actually bones that are eroding out of the ground here; just like we are used to at dinosaur bone beds. Only this time, they're human bones.
Iran: Eff-Eh-Gee is the acronym for an autoparts company. No further explanation needed.
Italy: This one makes me go "aaaahhhhh." A Syrah wine named after both my mom (Donna) and my wife (Laura). Of course we had to buy a bottle. It wasn't too bad!
Thailand: We've shown this one before. We were disappointed by the overall lack of Engrish in SE Asia. Guess we'll have to go to Japan next.
London: The Beauchamp. Hmmm. Nice ring to that.
Morocco: Maybe some of the French speakers can fill us in on this one. It just seemed so literal…
London: "Yup, she's one old broad." Named after the Queen perhaps? Uh, oh, now I'm going to have the monarchists after me.


3 responses to “Lost in Translation”

  1. I prefer the other Beauchamp Hotel. The coffee’s better and they never turn away the riff-raff.

  2. Christine Campbell Avatar
    Christine Campbell

    Thank you for keeping up the blog! I love reading it! This one made me laugh out loud (quite loud and i was in a library)… 🙂

    Great shots!!

  3. Daniel Fleming Avatar
    Daniel Fleming

    haha love the hotel. or whatever it was. did oyu walk in and present yourself as Mr and Mrs beauchampe?

    could of been comped a nice room perhaps

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