Christmas 2010

A winter road in Grande Prairie. You don't have to worry about NOT having a white Christmas up here.

We've rented a 4 bedroom duplex in Grande Prairie and the main living room ceiling is incredibly tall, so when Chris and I saw this 7 foot Christmas tree for sale at SuperStore we bought it without any hesitation. Then we found ourselves holding the tree and looking at the small trunk of our car.
We did manage to get the 7 foot tree in the trunk of our car but…
…it meant shuffling around the groceries in the back seat.
Chris started sawing off the bottom of the tree.
I tried to help out a bit, but was pretty useless at sawing, so Chris took over again and finished the job. Together we secured the tree in its stand and "voila" after letting it thaw overnight we pulled out the Christmas decorations and decorated it together.
Chris decorating our first Christmas tree.
Laura getting ready to put a shinny red ball. We were so cute, Chris put on his green shirt and Laura her red sweater in honour of decorating the tree.
Chris and I at the County of Grande Prairie (my employer) Christmas party. (Sorry it's a crummy point shoot shot.)
Phil Bell (my co-worker/friend) at the County Christmas party, with his arm around the door prize he won. It was handmade by someone who works for the County.
We had our two nephews and two nieces spend the night one Saturday. Of course the girls and I played dress-up. They both tried on my nun costume from when I was in "The Sound of Music" in Grade 9. This is Delaney, age 6.
Bridget, age 8, dressed up in my Grade 9 nun costume.
Of course the girls had to try on their Auntie Laura's wedding dress! Delaney, age 6.
Bridget, age 8, in Auntie Laura's wedding dress. These days, wedding dresses always have ribbing and formed "boob" shapes, otherwise the dresses would loose their flattering shape because of the weight of the material that makes up a wedding dress. Kinda awkward looking on an eight year old, but yet cute.
The mittens I knit my mom for Christmas. I am now making Chris some, then myself. The are made with 85% mohair and 15% natural wool. I made up the pattern and design since I do not yet know how to read patterns. Not another pair on this planet exists like them. I hope they are keeping my mom very, very warm, especially this past week when temperatures all over Alberta were around -30.
Our niece, Bridget, on Christmas morning.
Our nephew, Ryley, holding the T-shirt we gave him. He is enthralled with palaeontology and, to say the least, views my co-worker Phil as a hero.
Chris gave our nephew, Gregory, the guitar that he, his cousin Shane and his friend Mike (Ham) all learned to play on. What a great Uncle, passing on the gift of music! On that note, Chris bought me an electric piano for Christmas, jazz sheet music and the sheet music for Charlie Brown's Christmas. It's been wonderful getting music back into my life. Thank you Chris!
Last, but not least, our niece, "Delaney", proudly and happily holding up some skates Santa gave her.
Chris and I spent a couple hours one night practicing with our light stands and flashes. Here's one of the portraits Chris took of me.
A portrait of Chris that I captured that same evening.


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  1. The photos are truly delightful…I ooh’d and aah’d in all the right places and giggled and laughed out loud in all the others. Wish I could have been there.

    Love always…Mom

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