Our good friend (who I also work with) Phil Bell, chillin' on Powder King. If you've never been to the ski hill, I highly recommend it.

Chris and I met Lindsay through Marcia and Phil. She's an art teacher, and yes you guessed it, she's super rad. Here she is waiting her turn in the rental shop. This was the first time she was going skiing since she was 9-years old. She did amazing!

Just a glance back down the hill while slowly on the way up.

Marcia and Lindsay eager to get to the top.

We got a good chuckle on the way down when we came across this fake, bloody, arm on the trail. That would be the plaid thing hanging from Lindsay's face. Hee,hee. Silly ladies. So much fun.

Chris and I enjoying a romantic chairlift ride. I apologize for my turtle face and fake smile. I seem to have trouble not making that face while trying to hold the camera away from us and actually get us in the frame.

Looking sexy after a full-day of skiing.

Marcia and Lindsay enjoying comfy clothes and drinks in the luxurious log house we stayed in that evening. The house belongs to Lindsay's friends brother. It was the most beautiful log house I've ever been in. Thank you so much friends brother!

Here's the kitchen of the log house. There was a foosball table in the house which occupied and entertained us for hours! Not kidding. We played one-on-one, two-on-two, boys vs girls. Afterwards we enjoyed pasta and wine and slept like babies.

The log house from the outside. We literally had to shovel our way out the next morning. You can see why they call the mountain "Powder King". I highly recommend skiing at "Powder King". It was the best snow and powder I've ever skied on.

This is the little Echo that got all five of us and our gear the three and a half hours from Grande Prairie to Powder King and back.