After a grueling overnight in the G-hound, we finally made it south to warmer climes. We’ve been in my parent’s adopted hometown of Sorrento, B.C. now for about three days, and I tell you, retirement living has never had it so easy. It’s about 4 degrees celsius, which is downright balmy for a Canadian January, and the lake views and mountain vistas are easy enough to take.

We had a late Christmas get together with the Aunts and Uncles here down at the retirement park’s club house, and it was a chance once again for my Old Man to prove he’s better at pool than pretty much any one else I’ve ever met. He’s also better at shuffleboard than his son, but in fairness, he has about 40 years on me.

We did a couple of group shots, but I’ll just put up the best one. In the other ones the family was looking kind of goofy…

Auntie Cher (bottom left) is the only normal one.

In the clutches of the Big Grey Dog.

I also cooked one of my World Famous Fritatas:


And Laura stuck her hand up a Turkish bum. Or is that a turkey’s bum? Whatever.

She took a few lessons from the master (hi Mom!).

My Old Man could school you at pool.

As usual, more photos here.

Next stop Kelowna! Then Vancouver! Then the World!