Dinosaur Bone Bed Near Grand Prairie

Grand Prairie… um?

Chris and I had an enjoyable time hanging out with family and going swimming with the kids (our nieces and nephews).  We also had a lovely visit with Brian Brake one evening and got to see the gorgeous house he managed to renovate almost entirely in the first two months of being here. He’s not one to sit around. Brian, my former boss from The Military Museums, is now living up here to start work on building a dinosaur museum! It should be completed in two years.  It will be a fantastic attraction featuring Alberta’s dinosaur bone bed with the most bones per square meter. Essentially, it’s a mass grave of dinosaurs. Currently they are calling it the River of Death and Discovery Dinosaur Center. Very cool!


4 responses to “Dinosaur Bone Bed Near Grand Prairie”

  1. Very interesting! I’m a writer for the National Geographic Channel and have done a lot of work on dinosaurs. They are fascinating.

    Great blog, will check back soon!

    FYI… you’re a great photographer. Keep it up.


    1. Thanks Jodi. I too very much enjoy dinosaurs. As for the photos, my husband is the real photographer and the majority of the photos on the blog are his. But on his behalf and my own, thank you.

  2. Ha! Of course he’s not sitting around! Why am I not surprised by this? By the way, I’m totally following your trip – it sounds amazing!! And I LOVE the photos 🙂

    1. Hee,hee. I’m glad you’re enjoying our blog Paige. It was such a pleasure to get a comment from you. Cheers. -Laura-

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