And one more shot of the Piacenza wine gang... thanks guys.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

It's all over at 30.
It's all over at 30.

Wow! Who knew turning 30 would be such a blast. I just want to say thanks to everyone for the kind wishes (especially Laura for arranging so many neat surprises). We had another party last night here at Christine’s place in Piacenza. It was a funeral theme, and all of Christine’s international school friends came dressed in black. They also all sang happy birthday in their native tongues which included French, Russian, Spanish, Afrikaans, Xosha (which I just learned is a South African language). It was really fun meeting them. Thanks Christine.

Jon and Cam, thanks for the books. They’re perfect choices and I haven’t read either of them already. Although I’ll probably trade them for other books after I read them (the joys of traveling light). That was super thoughtful. Erin, thanks for the card. It does get better and better. We miss you too.

Kate (and crew): thank you so much for the video! I just had to share it.

I also had to share this. I got it in an email from my sister, and I gotta say, right now Uncle Chris is missing his family. It made me cry a little because I love them so much. Anyway, thanks again everyone.

Top 30 Reasons why we LOVE Uncle Chris

30. Because he is handsome (Bridget)

29. Because I have to (Dean)

28. Because he is nice (Bridget)

27. Because he has a nice haircut (Dean)

26. Because he is so talented (Kelli)

25. Because he buys great souvenirs (Ryley)

24. Because he is a great photographer (Kelli)

23. Because he is kind (everyone)

22. Because he is funny (Gregory)

21. Because he is our uncle (Delaney)

20. Because he is a part of our family (Bridget)

19. Because he is an awesome uncle (Gregory)

18. Because he is smart (Bridget)

17. Because he sends pretty cool blogs to us (Ryley)

16. Because he gives great hugs (Kelli)

15. Because he is a special kindergarten helper (Delaney)

14. Because he sends us money on our birthdays (all kids)

13. Because he plays with us (Bridget)

12. Because he gives us toys (Delaney)

11. Because he likes to play board games (Ryley and Greg)

10. Because he gives us kisses (Bridget)

9. Because he is “Ours” (Grandma on the phone)

8. Because he is super caring (Gregory)

7. Because he is supportive and encouraging (Kelli)

6. Because he likes beer (Kelli)

5. Because he is a good cook (Gregory and Delaney)

4. Because he likes Star Wars (Gregory)

3. Because he is tall (Delaney)

2. Because he got us a great Auntie (Gregory)

And The #1 Top Reason We Love Uncle Chris…

Is That He Is The BEST UNCLE EVER!!!!

Happy 30th Birthday!


Kelli, Dean, Gregory, Ryley, Bridget & Delaney

And one more shot of the Piacenza wine gang... thanks guys.
And one more shot of the Piacenza wine gang… thanks guys.

Updated April 30: Xanthos is South African, not South American (doh!) and I didn”t realize Cam went in on Jon with the book package.


3 responses to “Thank you, thank you, thank you”

  1. Christine Campbell Avatar
    Christine Campbell

    I must say I love the photos! They were so much fun!! Chris, you still manage to take great shots, even when “dead”!

  2. O.K. Chris, you were not supposed to take me so literal…When I said you couldn’t have anymore birthdays I meant you were aging me…I didn’t mean they had to bury you on the spot.

    You do have some great friends, and still making more.


  3. John Mack Avatar
    John Mack

    Happy Birthday Chris, I hope your travels are going better than you would have ever hoped. Take care of your self and your awesome wife and hopefully hear from you soon. 30 is the new 11 so by my count that makes Laura a SICK-O…. hahaha. Any way we love ya and we miss you both, Tipping a beer for you,

    John and Kim

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