Happy Birthday Bridget!

Bridget (top) looking good and having fun with her sis Delaney. These are the smiling faces we get to look forward to in Grande Prairie (as well as the weather conditions, thanks for asking). If you come from a sane place, yes, that is snow…

It was our niece Bridget’s birthday yesterday. She’s a whopping EIGHT! That’s like almost a whole decade. Pretty soon she’ll be driving cars and scuba diving and pretty much anything else she decides to want to do. For now, I think she’ll be concentrating on learning how to rollerblade, which we think is pretty AWESOME. Just be careful Bridget.

Anyway, Bridget we love you. Happy birthday, and we’ll see you soon. Your birthday present will be coming home with us on September 4th. Hope you don’t mind waiting!

-Uncle Chris and Auntie Laura

p.s. – We’re in a country called Thailand, Bridget, learning how to SCUBA dive, just like your Mom knows how to do. Tomorrow we take our first dive in the ocean, instead of just in a swimming pool. We’re excited! Also, we sent you a postcard. Let us know when it arrives. We were hoping it would get there in time for your big day.


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