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We know we’ve been lax on the updates, but we hope seeing this video will explain our absence. We decided at the last minute to make a video promoting our site for a CIRA contest. The grand prize is a new Macbook Pro laptop. If you’ve seen my beat-up old duct-taped computer, you’d agree we could sorely use one. So, if we make it to the finals, we’ll be after all of you to help us generate votes. For now, just enjoy the video. If you like it, maybe head over to Youtube and click the thumbs-up icon below the video… … From the video description on our new Youtube account: March 15, 2010 — This is our entry for the Canadian Internet Registration Authority’s “Show us Your .CA” contest. It’s the second video we’ve made, and I think we’ve improved on our skills. We’d love to hear some opinions…Continue Reading
First of all, I want to reassure everyone that we were well away from the zone of last night’s earthquake. We didn’t feel so much as a tremor, although when I stomp up the steps of our rickety wooden treehouse after the types of huge and delicious dinners we get here, it can feel like a 1.0 on the Richter Scale. Also, after the generous advice of our new friend Brenda here in Olympos, we set up a profile this morning on, a world-wide online community for hosting travelers. The idea is brilliantly simple: travelers get beds and local insights, and hosts get to entertain house guests from new and interesting cultures. There are thousands of users around the world willing to open their spare bedrooms and couches up to strangers based on their online profile and a simple, effective rating and referral system. Users create an online account and…Continue Reading
An excellent representation of the complexity of excavating the site of Troy.
On the way to the site the clouds didn’t hold much hope for us as they blocked the sky and quickly made puddles in the street. The dolmus continued to bump and turn on the winding streets. Some other tourists spoke loudy in the front. We couldn’t understand them. We only knew it was taxing to be forced to listen. The  clouds parted just as the dolmus stopped at the long walkway leading up the site of Troy. Wonderful, we thought. 30.00 Turkish Lira ($20.00  CAN) later we found ourselves standing at the base of another wooden horse. Unfortunately Brad Pitt never touched this one, but you can go inside! So of course being  me, I did. Chris on the other hand decided to climb the walls of Troy. For us, the road to Troy started at the Archaeological Museum in Istanbul. The museum contains artefacts from archaeological digs from…Continue Reading
Chris and I are in Olympos. Yesterday, it took us 5.5 hours to get here by bus. The hotels here are called tree houses because of their style of buildings. The entire area has a very relaxed, almost Caribbean feel. Little roofed wooden platforms line the river. In the high season they are all covered in rugs and cushions, but since it’s the slow season only two are equiped at our pension. I am sitting on one right now. A light breeze slowly moves my hair. The sun beams strongly on my white Canadian skin. The rhythmic, continuous flow of the river is peaceful. There are a few hammocks in the main courtyard. It didn’t take Chris too long to find them. For 50 Turkish Lira (around $38.00) Chris and I get our own little “tree house” which is a wooden shack on stilts with a mattress, sheets, 2 pillows and 3…Continue Reading
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Hey guys, Welcome to our film debut! The footage is all from one day in and around Fethiye, on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Please feel free to let the Oscar Committee know what you think. We rented a scooter in Fethiye for three days. Cost us 60 Turkish Lira total (about $45 CDN), plus another 40TL in gas. Our moms will be happy to know that the scooter was returned without incident yesterday. The video was shot with a little Canon point-and-shoot and edited with iMovie ’09. I gotta say, it’s a powerful little software package, and super easy to use. Although, editing still took us about 7 hours. Footage by Laura Editing by Chris and Laura Music by Niyaz (they’re Iranian, not Turkish, but the mood is right) Song is Nahan If you want us to produce more videos in the future, you better let us know in…Continue Reading
Ciao tutti! We haven’t had internet access for the past few days.  But alas, now that we are in our 30.00 Turkish Lira room per night ($21.75 Canadian) which has a lovely view of the Fethiye harbour, we couldn’t be happier. The town is bustling and the mountains and water are so peaceful. Chris is in the process of shaving off most of his beard while I update you guys. I’ve got to admit, I’m excited. Ok, just for kicks, here’s a before shot of Chris with the beard he’s been growing since late December. He even grew out his hair! It’s longer than I’ve ever seen it. Once we’re both showered I think it’s date night on this gorgeous Friday evening. While we’re here, we have lots to update you on like the monuments at Ephesus, eating boar tongue for breakfast, our fabulous new friends Petrit and Gloria who we met…Continue Reading
This is the interior of a building called the Baghdad Kiosk, located in the residential area of the sultan. It is one of many excellent examples of the famous blue Iznik tiles found throughout Ottoman architecture in Turkey.
Topkapi Palace located in Istanbul, was the headquarters for the Ottamen Empire for more then 400 years. Today it is a museum. When we went it cost 20 Turkish Lira per person, and if we wanted to go into the Harem it would cost an additional 15 Turkish Lira per person. The ticket for entering the Harem has to be bought once you are inside the Topkapi Palace. The palace is constructed around a series of courtyards, all of which are very beautiful and peaceful. The first courtyard is free of charge. In Ottoman days this courtyard was open to all, but in order to walk through the gate into the second courtyard you had to be some sort of dignitary (see the photo above of the second gate). Within this courtyard for dignitaries and officials is the courtroom where the men took care of the Empires official matters. Apparently…Continue Reading
Hi Mom! Yes, we are indeed still alive and safe. This morning we will be catching a Turkish minibus, or dolmus (pronounced dol-mush), to a place called Bergama, near the ancient site of Pergamon. There are some impressive archaeological remains there we’re looking forward to. We left Istanbul a few days ago and have already moved quite a ways away along the Aegean coast. We visited Troy and the Gallipoli peninsula, and will be hitting quite a few archeological sites in the next week or two. We are very much in the Turkish resort region now, but it is definitely the off-season. This has made our travel and accommodation plans a bit more challenging as buses are less frequent and several hotels and pensyones (sort of like private hotels, often in people’s homes) are closed, but we’re surviving just fine. Laura has updated the “when” page linked above, and I…Continue Reading