OutThereSomewhere.ca – CIRA Contest Video!

We know we’ve been lax on the updates, but we hope seeing this video will explain our absence. We decided at the last minute to make a video promoting our site for a CIRA contest. The grand prize is a new Macbook Pro laptop. If you’ve seen my beat-up old duct-taped computer, you’d agree we could sorely use one.

So, if we make it to the finals, we’ll be after all of you to help us generate votes. For now, just enjoy the video. If you like it, maybe head over to Youtube and click the thumbs-up icon below the video…

From the video description on our new Youtube account:
March 15, 2010 — This is our entry for the Canadian Internet Registration Authority’s “Show us Your .CA” contest. It’s the second video we’ve made, and I think we’ve improved on our skills. We’d love to hear some opinions in the comments. Most importantly, vote for us in the contest (if we make it to the finals).

The music is by the Ramblin’ Ambassadors, an awesome surf rock band from our home city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They were kind enough to grant us permission to use the songs, even though I went about it all in the wrong way. Bill at their record label, helped set it all up. Thanks guys!


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  1. Hello!

    It looks like you are having fun. I hope your trip to Italy will be just as amazing and full of adventure. And for the rest of us, full of lots of photographic opportunities!

    The Military Museum is doing great. We are celebrating the Navy’s 100th this Thursday evening with a dinner and opening the art show. You would love the paintings they’ve brought in Laura! I’ve also got the go ahead to paint a Passchendaele mural in the Party room, so I’m looking forward to that.

    I hope all continues to go well for you both. Make lots of great memories!


    1. Ciao Lydia!

      Send my well wishes to the Navy, KOCR and Cal. High. I believe all 3 are celebrating their 100th anniversary. Also, please send my love to Elly. Thanks for the mini update. It’s a beautiful day in Rome. The sun is bright and strong. In a few hours we will be taking a bus to the town of my high school years. I can’t wait! Ciao -Laura-

  2. I’m on-call. Wiener…
    Trapped with sobriety ; (

  3. Well although i liked the editing, pics and tunes…where’s the beer? Not a single beer shot or a simple molson ad to bring it all together.

    ps. molson sucks.

    1. I see you have one heckuva a Saturday night ahead of you, commenting on our blog at 10pm. Loser.

  4. Hi Chris and Laura,

    We really liked the Vid, keep on keeping on.

  5. Thought so. how’d you make the globe animation? That looked hella pro.

    oh, and send me that stuff you were going to send me about the web thing.

  6. Guys,

    That video is amazing 😉 Congratulation!

    Have a nice journey!

    Have a nice CouchSurf!

    Peace & Kiss


    1. Thanks everyone!

      Mom: We’re happy to be winners to you!

      Daniel: We like that part too. He was running away from us up a hill (very slowly) and finally stopped to catch his breath.

      Dale: Edited on iMovie ’09

      Caglar and Turker: It was great meeting you guys in Antalya. Glad you liked the vid. Hope it makes a bit more sense after seeing it. 🙂

  7. perfect!

  8. what did you use to edit this? looks good.

  9. Daniel Fleming Avatar
    Daniel Fleming

    that was great!

    loved the tortoise yawning. hehe

  10. Hi guys.
    Just to say No matter what you are Both winners to me.
    Love always

    Oops, I also really enjoyed the video…

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