Tree House Paradise

Our tree house, in all its glory. I just hope it doesn't rain while we're here because there is no glass or protection on the top of our door.

Chris and I are in Olympos. Yesterday, it took us 5.5 hours to get here by bus.

The hotels here are called tree houses because of their style of buildings. The entire area has a very relaxed, almost Caribbean feel. Little roofed wooden platforms line the river. In the high season they are all covered in rugs and cushions, but since it’s the slow season only two are equiped at our pension. I am sitting on one right now. A light breeze slowly moves my hair. The sun beams strongly on my white Canadian skin. The rhythmic, continuous flow of the river is peaceful. There are a few hammocks in the main courtyard. It didn’t take Chris too long to find them.

For 50 Turkish Lira (around $38.00) Chris and I get our own little “tree house” which is a wooden shack on stilts with a mattress, sheets, 2 pillows and 3 blankets. The bathrooms are communal. Included in the price is breakfast and dinner! Last night dinner was probably more food than we usually eat in two nights. It started with a lentil soup, followed by two different types of salads, and for the main course a heaping plate of couscous, and a chicken vegetable dish.

Chris looking very serious, even though he's chillin' by the river.
The pillow-covered platforms by the river. A lovely place to spend the day.
The communal sinks at our tree house hotel, Saban Pension. Ah, to get to know your neighbor.
Lemon and orange trees grow between all the shacks and tree houses here at Saban Pension. Visitors are free to eat as many as they like. I suppose when we're desperate it's a cheap option for lunch.
I think we all know what Chris is doing, and I think most of us are jealous.
Roosters are everywhere, just like cats.
Ben and Pen are in the back left corner. They are an Australian couple we met during our tour of the Gallipoli Battlefields and happened to meet again here in Olympos. It was a lovely surprise.

Upon arriving last night we were surprised and happy to run into a couple we met during our tour of the Gallipoli Battlefields almost two weeks ago. They are a lovely and friendly Australian couple who are currently ten days into a hike known as the Lycian Way. The hike is about 500 kilometers long, but it is not necessary to do the entire hike. Lots of people just do part of it as a day hike. During the hike there are some places to stay to take a break and to restock the food supply. That’s how we met them here. It’s one of their breaks.

I was excited to come back here where there is a mountain that burns fire, otherwise known as Chimaera. I saw the mountain 11 years ago when I came with my parents and two friends, Lindsay and Casey, but was excited to see it with my best friend/husband.

Just after arriving last night, we walked 1.5 hours one-way (3 hours total) with 4 other tourists, including Ben and Pen, up Mt. Etna – the mountain with the Chimaera flames. It was a lovely evening to be in such a mystical place with fire spewing from the mountain, the full moon and the ocean in the background. In another post we’ll put some photos and  video clips of the fire on the mountain. Find out what happened when Chris dumped a litre of water on the eternal flame…


3 responses to “Tree House Paradise”

  1. Hiking and tree forts are pretty much the opposite of what I expected from Turkey. Kinda like West Coast Van Isle hippy commune meets Turkish coffeehouse. Neat stuff.

    And Chris, is that your evil twin on the hammock or are you rocking a goatee now?


  2. Christine Campbel Avatar
    Christine Campbel

    It’s me again! Wishing there was a direct flight from Angers (it’s rainy and not so warm here) to Olympos! If only my wings were working 🙂

    Great shots by the way! I’ve been looking through all the photos and all I can say is WOW. You guys are great photographers!

    PS: That rooster looks tasty 🙂

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