Photo gallery of Turkey


4 responses to “Photo gallery of Turkey”

  1. I have down loaded three pics…which will be colinized. And Dale, considering my english is only fractions better than someone with only a few teeth…you might want to grammar check your insults…
    And speaking of toothless wonders, when are we going to shoot stuff!!?

    WWJD …if he had a gun?

    Seriously though…your site is the only reading i do anymore…

  2. No way, I think it’s all great. Your writing sounds like you telling a story, and that’s perfect. Besides, writing like this is supposed to have some hair on it.

    Besides x2, I found a spelling mistake in one of Chris’ entries anyways (we’re Canadian Chris, we go travelling, not traveling. geeze.). i kid i kid.

    miss you dudes, stay safe.


  3. These are all your shots Laura?? Nice work, you’re killing it!

    Between your writing and photography, looks like Chris is going to have to start drawing impressionist artwork or something to pull his own weight around here. (sorry Chris, your photos are nice too)


    1. Hee, hee, hee. Thanks Dale! I really appreciate your message. Yes, they are all my shots and even my own writing, although that could use some work. 🙂

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