Everyday Istanbul

Mosques are a very common feature in this landscape and an important part of everyday life.

Restaurant after restaurant line the main street. Each one has a server outside trying to convince you to come in. This can be quite tiring if you walk up the same street a couple of times.
Old houses down a side street of Istanbul.
Chris and Laura in front of Aya Sophia.
Many shops like this one are scattered throughout the tourist area of Sultanahmet.
The Grand Bazaar's shops are filled with jewellery, purses, lamps and other trinkets like apple tea, Turkish delight and shawls. Yet among this all, between the carpets and the lamps, was a small group of men enjoying a game of backgammon.
I can only imagine that participating in prayer in the Blue Mosque would be a very special moment. It is a glorious mosque.
Cats are everywhere in Turkey. This kitten found a nice napping spot on a shops display cushions. So cute.
Kebap. There are many different kinds of kebaps, and luckily so when daily it becomes our lunch and dinner.


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  1. Dale…Christ, you’d laugh at what kind of person i was building in my mind reading up to your name…But once i saw it was you…it made sense.


  2. Please describe for me the various types of kabaps, are they mostly varieties of meats? I’m intrigued.

    Also how about some food shots too?

    I guess I must be hungry.

    Keep up the good work guys! The photos are great and I’m really enjoying the write-ups. Any Turkish tobacco yet?


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