The Bikes of Piacenza

Like many European cities based on urban planning that goes back centuries, Piacenza has a thriving bike culture. It probably also helps that the city is overall quite flat. Most of the bikes were classic cruisers, and I figured I’d make a small photo project out of capturing some of the most interesting ones we came across. They are literally lying all over town, locked up to poles, signs, walls, and pretty much anything else around.

Which bike do you like best?

I also wanted to mention that one of the photos I took in February and posted on this blog is a finalist in a photo contest over at If you feel like sharing a little love, you can vote for my pic here, by emailing with the subject heading “Turkey Vote Chris Simit”.

There are some good photos entered, so I don’t really expect to win, but the prizes include some dinner in Istanbul, and since we are heading back that way in a few weeks, you’ll be helping to feed some hungry travelers. They ask you to only vote once. Thanks!

p.s. – Simit are the type of Turkish bread rings the vendor in the photo is pushing around.


4 responses to “The Bikes of Piacenza”

  1. I love these bike shots. So amazing.

  2. Carla Avatar

    These bike shots are so beautiful..they make me miss Italy…

  3. The green folding bike reminds my of my youth when they were not cool…so i found one and drove it and said fuck y’all. But i’ve retuened to bmx and can’t go back…especially since you gave me the dirt diggers! They are a feature on my crackhead stolen labelless ride.

  4. Christine Campbell Avatar
    Christine Campbell

    I love the black one with the brown saddle bags!! I still pass it everyday and every time I think about stealing it because it’s so beautiful. One day she will be mine! 🙂

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