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  • Pasta babies from the pace of life in Piacenza

    Pasta babies from the pace of life in Piacenza

    I’m telling the truth when I say I’m leaving Italy with some “pasta babies” located on the thighs, hips, love handles and even one clinging around my mid-section. I’m relying on the heat and walking in Morocco to abort all the “pasta babies”. I first started growing my pasta babies during our month visit in…

  • Awwwwwwwwwww… I ♥ U!

    Awwwwwwwwwww… I ♥ U!

    We helped Christine make this video today. We made it so she could send some much needed lovin’ to her boyfriend Mike. Christine is studying oenology (wine!) in the Mediterranean part of Europe, and is currently in Piacenza, Italy, where we are visiting her. Mike is doing a masters in econ in Toulouse, France, and…

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you

    Thank you, thank you, thank you

    Wow! Who knew turning 30 would be such a blast. I just want to say thanks to everyone for the kind wishes (especially Laura for arranging so many neat surprises). We had another party last night here at Christine’s place in Piacenza. It was a funeral theme, and all of Christine’s international school friends came…

  • A Month in Lanciano

    A Month in Lanciano

    I know I can speak for Laura as well when I say that we found it difficult to leave Lanciano. As I write this, we’re speeding north in a cozy train compartment toward Piacenza, Italy to see our friend Christine. Laura is napping on the seats across from me, lines of sunlight and shadow moving…

  • Meet the D’Alessandros

    Meet the D’Alessandros



    Laura and I have been having a wonderful time here in Lanciano, thanks entirely to our hosts, the D’Alessandro family. The family runs the Canadian College of Italy here in Lanciano, and life around town with them is non-stop. I call the old part of town the D’Alessandro Campus, as guests, students and staff are…

  • Lanciano, Laura’s old stomping grounds

    Lanciano, Laura’s old stomping grounds



    I hope everyone had a lovely Easter.  Here in Lanciano, Easter is a pretty big deal with parades and marching bands going around the town nearly everyday since last Thursday. Chris captured some amazing shots of the Easter parade this past Thursday. We’ve been relaxing in Lanciano with my good friend Cristina (who I call “Cris)…

  • Easter Procession

    Easter Procession



    Easter is of course huge for Italy’s Catholic population. In Lanciano, where we have been staying for the past week or so, Easter is a week long affair filled with socializing, shared meals, picnics, and religious processions through the streets, replete with religious artifacts, costumes and marching bands. On Thursday night before the Easter weekend,…

  • Documentary Photography: An Unrealized Ambition

    Documentary Photography: An Unrealized Ambition

    I hate when people ask me if I’m a photographer. Sometimes it’s the gear that prompts this. They see the expensive looking camera, or maybe pick up my kit for a moment and are taken aback by how heavy it is. “Whoa! You must be a photographer.” Maybe it’s the final shots that have them whoa-ing,…

  • Photoshop is fun



    Hey all, Much like our own Photoshop fun for our recent April Fool’s gag, our friend Colin has been tinkering with pixels for years. He’s even set up a web gallery for his twisted creations using photos from OutThereSomewhere. Check it out. Cheers, Chris p.s. – We’ll be making a few tweaks and changes to…

  • 24 hours in Roma

    24 hours in Roma

    Laura and I are killing a few hours here in Rome before catching a bus to Lanciano. We had about a day to take in a few sights and pasta dishes here. After almost 2 months in Turkey, the food here has been a huge delight for us. Pizaa, pasta, beef steak! And the pork!…