Your intrepid bloggers do a self-portrait under the Pantheon's concrete dome. The interior of the building looks recently restored, as it is spotlessly clean. Why yes, I am sporting a handsome moustache! I'm flattered you noticed.

Laura and I are killing a few hours here in Rome before catching a bus to Lanciano. We had about a day to take in a few sights and pasta dishes here. After almost 2 months in Turkey, the food here has been a huge delight for us. Pizaa, pasta, beef steak! And the pork! (as a Muslim nation, pork products simply don’t exist in Turkey) Delicious! Don’t get me wrong, Turkish cuisine is great, but any food will get tiresome after eating nothing but for two months.

Rest assured, we will be resting and regrouping here in Italy and will catch up on our blog posts, so expect more photos and stories from Turkey as well as the 3rd and probably final instalment of the Turkish food series. Here are a few shots from beautiful Roma.

The photo this fellow is taking seems to be duplicated by every second tourist through the Pantheon's massive doorways.

A woman cruises past the hordes of tourists walking on the Via dei Fori Imperiali.

Tourists throng the Via Borgognona leading away from the famous Spanish Steps. Compared to places we've been in recent weeks, Rome is absolutely full of tourists.

We stopped into San Pietro in Vincoli to see one of Michaelangelo's masterpieces, the Moses sculpture for the tomb of his Pope and patron, (insert forgotten Pope's name here).

Like everyone else in this city, this couple enjoy a moment taking and reviewing their snapshots.

Another self portrait.

I have several more street photography shots from one day in Rome, but I think I’ll post those a little later as part of a post I’ve been working on regarding photography in general.

UPDATE #1: Also, it’s lonely on the road. If you’re reading this, please leave a comment and let us know you care!

UPDATE #2: We totally missed our bus out of Rome thanks to stupid Daylight Savings time. So we could use your messages of support and love more than ever. Especially Laura. She’s been bummed out all day. 🙁