Laura poses in front of some American forces, who were dismantling an IED about 50 feet up the street.

Hey guys!

We didn’t want to scare you all before now, but we figured we should post this today. We’re now in Baghdad. We flew in around midnight from Rome after jumping through an unbelievable number of hoops to get simple tourist visas. Things aren’t too bad here, although there were two bombings near our hotel yesterday. Today we’re going to head over to see the famous toppled Saddam statue, but there are several checkpoints for us to get through to get out of the Green Zone.

Anyway, Internet access is pretty spotty what with the constant brownouts and whatnot, so I’d better make this quick. We’ll send a proper update tomorrow!

– Chris and Laura

Update April 2, 2010: Well April Fool’s is over and we’re back in Lanciano, Italy, safe and sound. 😉