Animals and Nature of Olympos, Turkey

Hi guys! Just to reassure you in regards to our April Fool’s joke (hee,hee) we are actually safe and sound in Italy. We are hanging out in my old stomping ground of Lanciano where I went to high school at the Canadian College of Italy (CCI). Chris and I are both working on photos to show this lovely place to you, but for now here are some photos from back in Olympos in Turkey. Enjoy. -Laura-

I spotted this lonely locust on the ground near the beach in Olympos, Turkey.
The landscape around Olympos is truly amazing. If you are looking to get away from the daily grind and hurried pace of life, come stay in Olympos for a week or two in February.
Wild flowers are starting to show their colours.
Chris spotted this little fellow while we walked along the beach in Olympos. He was about 5 inches wide.
Turkish people put plants in whatever they can get their hands on.
The magnificent beach at Olympos. It's a great location to find handsome men, like the lone-stallion featured in this photo.
The ancient ruins at Olympos straddle this river, which flows out into the ocean only meters from where Chris is taking some photographs.Â


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  1. Jon Roe Avatar
    Jon Roe

    Great photos, as always. I hope you’re enjoying your time in Italy!

    1. Thanks Jon! I’ve got a good teacher. Italy is a blast. I love hanging out with my friend like old times. -Laura-

  2. to me…not mel…Mel hates mars bars

  3. So i “made” a site for your journey…where i will butcher and distort the pics of my choosing of that journey.

    I was actually hoping you where in Baghdad cause not only would that be cool but i here the statues head is filled with mars bars and well…i would love one sent to mel…

  4. OK cute guys…way to make my hair even more grey…some joke. I probably looked like that little crab thingy you took a picture of. Love you both, have fun but take care.

    Love Mom

  5. Wow! Nice shots babe. I hadn’t seen several of these yet. That is a handsome stallion, by the way…

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