California Dreamin’


Moro Bay, California, supposedly named El Moro by the original Spanish explorer because the big rock (in the background) looked like the turban of a Moor.

We’ve fallen a bit behind on the blogging what with driving over 8,000km and all (that’s about 5,000 miles for our American friends). We’re currently chillin’ in Astoria, Oregon, watching TV and waiting for a pizza to get delivered to our Motel room (when in Rome…). Across the Columbia River from us lies the state of Washington, which will be our last visited on this trip before sliding into Vancouver for a short visit with friends and another short visit with my folks in Sorrento, B.C. Then home, and back to work. Which is starting to feel like an exciting change, actually.

We haven’t put up much of anything from our time in California or Oregon, but we will. Starting now, I guess.

Elephant seals moping around on the beach just north of Hearst Castle. These guys flap sand on themselves, ostensibly to stay cool. They don't move much while on the beach to conserve energy.
Pretty scenery on the California coast on the way to Big Sur.
Artwork at the Henry Miller Memorial Library at Big Sur. Miller wrote here for several years (not at this site, but in the vicinity).
More epic coastline.
A sample of the road we drove.
We met this dude, Max, at the pub/hotel we stayed at in Halfmoon Bay, south of San Francisco. He's a student/bartender. Pours a mean pint. (photo by Laura)
Driving across the Golden Gate bridge was a big deal for a couple yokels like us. Woo hoo. (photo by Laura)


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