Faces and places of Utah and Arizona

Waiting for the next sale, the owner of this antique shop outside of Zion National Park, Utah, collects "old junk" from the East and sells it to suckers like us in the West.
Some of Bryce Canyon parks landscape. Besides the vibrant red, eroding rock the rest of the scenery recalls areas of Alberta or B.C. Canada.
A professor from a local college, while on spring break, paints the landscape of Bryce Canyon, Utah.
Chris at Bryce Canyon, Utah.
Landscape near Capitol Reef National Park in Utah.
It's been tough to find healthy choices for food while on the road. I've eaten more burgers, fries or beans than I'd like to admit. Here's Chris eating some beans while enjoying the view of a spectacular river canyon in Utah.
The road took us to spectacular heights and views on the way to Capitol Reef. Never before have I truly grasped how diverse ecosystems are depending on altitude, because not one hour later we were back in a dry, red-rock desert.
Here is it is, the dry red-rock desert near Captiol Reef Park. This was one of our favorite landscapes. If I could do it all over again, I'd camp at Capitol Reef Park and explore the petroglyphs (paintings and carvings on the rocks by Native Americans).
Scenery on the other side of the road from the last photo, near Capitol Reef, Utah.
Driving down the road near Capitol Reef Park, Utah.
I have a strange obsession with photos of a single tree in a wide and dramatic landscape.
After driving through Capitol Reef, we spent the night in Green River only to awaken to a wicked wind and dust storm that was sandblasting the side of our car and had lodged numerous tumble weeds underneath. As we drove away from the hotel we saw tumble weeds (bushes) 4 feet in diameter whirling across the highway.
The winds from the sand storm pushed us toward Moab, a trendy-hippie, fun little city.
Near Moab.
Arches National Park in Utah.
Arches National Park in Utah.
Here is an arch in Arches National Park in Utah. Thousands of years of erosion have carved many arches into this landscape.
A hole in the rock at Arches National park casts light onto Chris.
Outside Moab is this quirky, tourists spot called "Hole n'the Rock" where for a fee you can visit a 5,000 square foot home carved into the rock by a couple that lived there until the 1950's! Outside are loads of quirky decorations for you to admire.
This is one location within the quirky decorations at "Hole n'the Rock" in Utah.
From Moab, Utah we drove to Page, Arizona and camped along Lake Powell. I loved this location!
The next day we bought groceries at the Wal-Mart Super Centre and enjoyed lunch on the trunk of our car in the Wal-Mart parking lot.
Only a few miles outside of Page, Arizona is Horse Shoe Bend, a famous river bend. While Chris captured the shot of the river bend, I captured his precarious position on the edge of the 1,000 foot drop. At the moment it was the only way to calm my nerves about how close my husband was to the drop.
Chris hanging out at the Grand Canyon, Arizona.
The Grand Canyon is truly amazing. I loved my time there. From the historical buildings, museums, shops, restaurants, interpretive programs, views and wildlife it is a remarkable place very much worthy of being a World Heritage Site.
A deer who's chosen to make the Grand Canyon its home.
Crowds watching the sunset at the Grand Canyon in Arizona.
Chis bringing our fantastic day at the Grand Canyon to a close with some music around the campfire.


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  1. Wonderful, wonderful photos guys. I could have done without the one of Chris “living on the edge” but can certainly see you are having a great time.

    Take care of each other…


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