Bangkok, Thailand

We’re still hanging out in Koh Tao. We plan on leaving the island today or tomorrow with Surat Thani as our next destination where we’ll catch a bus to Krabi on the west side of the country. The beaches are supposed to be absolutely stunning over there. We’ll soon find out.

Here are a few shots I took around Bangkok. I really enjoyed Bangkok with its huge roads, skyscrapers, prostitutes, millions of massage shops (careful which one you go in), lady-boys, cheap clothes ( bikini $6-$9), sidewalk shops and restaurants that can establish themselves anywhere.

This is the inside of the hostel we stayed at in Bangkok, called Suk 11. They converted an apartment building to look like you're in a jungle paradise.
Hostel Suk 11 in Bangkok. For $22 CAN we got our own room, shared bathroom and breakfast.
Chris enjoying his dinner on the streets of Bangkok's China Town.
Temple in Bangkok, Thailand.
Bangkok traffic.
The majestic roadways of Bangkok, Thailand.
Bangkok, Thailand.
Bangkok, Thailand.
The jungle of Bangkok or Bangkok is the jungle…..? Um?
Bangkok, Thailand.
Kung Po soup. It is very, very spicy, but delicious.
Bangkok, Thailand.
Bangkok, Thailand.
Bangkok, Thailand.
I thought these girls were just to cute, so I asked if I could take their photo.


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  1. Hello!

    If you stay in Krabi Town and want to book some trips, for example kajak or ko phiphi, try to find a woman named “Apple”. She has a small office with a restaurant along the main street and speaks good english. We made a good experience with her!

    Enjoy your stay!


    1. Laura Beauchamp Avatar
      Laura Beauchamp

      Thanks for the advice Anita!

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