Hey guys, Laura and I are finally in Vietnam. As many of you already know, she started showing some symptoms of dengue fever when we were in Luang Prabang, Laos. Our original plan was to take a bus from there to Hanoi, in the north of Vietnam, but Dengue is not something you want to mess around with, and since Luang Prabang (and most of Laos) has virtually zero modern healthcare, we decided to head to the capital Vientiane instead. Luckily, by the time we got there, Laura’s fever had passed and her other symptoms calmed down. Facing another epic (24-30 hour) bus ride to get from Vientiane to Vietnam, we caved and bought some plane tickets via the north of Thailand to Ho Chi Minh City instead (via Bangkok). We are rapidly running out of time on this little journey of ours, and the consequence is that we will…Continue Reading
I woke up this morning with a feeling I’ve been waiting for during the past three weeks in Thailand: the inspiration to write a final post on Iran and get on with some Thailand blogging. Imagine my disappointment then while looking through my Iran photos to discover that some of the ones that were going to form the backbone of my Iran post were nowhere to be found. I spent a few hours poring through our files and checking CF cards, but there’s still no luck. At least it was only a few days’ worth that are missing. Unfortunately, the lost shots include some very cool portraits of our friend Abed in Esfahan and the only pictures we took at the all-girls’ English academy we visited as guest speakers. This headache has killed my inspiration for writing overall impressions of Iran, at least for now. So, instead, here are a…Continue Reading
We’re still hanging out in Koh Tao. We plan on leaving the island today or tomorrow with Surat Thani as our next destination where we’ll catch a bus to Krabi on the west side of the country. The beaches are supposed to be absolutely stunning over there. We’ll soon find out. Here are a few shots I took around Bangkok. I really enjoyed Bangkok with its huge roads, skyscrapers, prostitutes, millions of massage shops (careful which one you go in), lady-boys, cheap clothes ( bikini $6-$9), sidewalk shops and restaurants that can establish themselves anywhere.  
Hey guys, We escaped the clutches of the Iranians and after a long flight are safely in a beautiful hostel in Bangkok. Actually, we met a man from India on the plane and just enjoyed sharing breakfast with him. We’re going to rest now, and go out to explore the city a bit later. Peace out. Chris