Thai Food, mostly

The view from here. Yesterday we climbed to the top of the viewpoint on Ko Phi Phi, the island we're on for the next few days. It was overcast yesterday, but the sun is shining today.

I woke up this morning with a feeling I’ve been waiting for during the past three weeks in Thailand: the inspiration to write a final post on Iran and get on with some Thailand blogging. Imagine my disappointment then while looking through my Iran photos to discover that some of the ones that were going to form the backbone of my Iran post were nowhere to be found. I spent a few hours poring through our files and checking CF cards, but there’s still no luck. At least it was only a few days’ worth that are missing. Unfortunately, the lost shots include some very cool portraits of our friend Abed in Esfahan and the only pictures we took at the all-girls’ English academy we visited as guest speakers.

This headache has killed my inspiration for writing overall impressions of Iran, at least for now. So, instead, here are a rather random assortment of shots from Thailand with a bit of focus on the delicious Thai food we’ve been enjoying.

I was a bit of a Thai food virgin before coming here, having only really eaten it a handful of times. But after our month here I can tell that Thai cuisine will assume a fairly regular position on our future takeout menu choices. I think we’ll also be introducing some spicy Thai curries to our recipe collection.

I’ll try to get back to posting some more regular updates. The mini-vacation I took from the blog has rejuvenated my enthusiasm. Luckily, I think we can all agree Laura’s done an awesome job carrying the load for the past few weeks.

Later this afternoon we are taking an overnight tour to Ko Phi Phi Leh, the smaller island in the Ko Phi Phi chain, and the site of filming for the film the Beach. There’s one company here allowed to bring visitors to the island (it’s a National Park) on overnight tours, which include snorkeling, sea kayaking, and night under the stars on Maya Bay, the famous beach itself. Should be pretty good…

Anyway, on to the pics.


Green curry. I'd say this is our favourite Thai dish. You can often find it with some steamed rice for under 100 Baht (less than $3).
Lost in translation: "That's crab! With a B!"
More green curry, I think. We've probably eaten about 30 separate dishes of this stuff here. 🙂
Deep fried frog's legs. It was my first time eating frog. Kind of like a chicken-y seafood. Tasty!
There are frogs here, chicken, fish, mussels, and I'm not sure what else.
Bangkok street barbeque. Note the full-bodied fish on the bottom two racks. We haven't tried those yet.
Bangkok traffic.
Some assorted stir-fries.
Laura, enjoying a meal of soup in Bangkok's Chinatown.
Chinatown neon.
The bug cart on Bangkok's famous Khao San Road. Usually we would be down for trying anything, but the whole deal just seemed like such a silly fabricated tourist trap that it wasn't even worth it. I don't think you'd catch a Thai dead eating mealworms and caterpillars.
Midnight BBQ on Khao San Rd. Good eats after a few beers.
The sheer scale of backpackers in Thailand dwarfs anything we've seen in any other country on our trip. This was the ferry from Chumphon to Ko Tao (Turtle Island), where we did our PADI certification. We can't help but feel a little smugly superior when we see some of these poor backpackers loaded down with enormous backpacks and bags as big as ours worn on the front of their bodies. Suckers.
Thai buckets, sold on the street on Ko Phi Phi ("pee-pee"). For 150-300 Baht, you can get a mickey of cheap booze, a can of pop, and a small bottle of Red Bull, as well as a bucket to mix it all in. We've been staying away from these things. Binge drinking like this is for the young and foolish.


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