Here are some more shots of Iran. Enjoy.

The magnificent walls of the Ali Qapu Palace in Naqsh-e Jahan Square in Esfahan.

The ceiling of the outdoor patio of Ali Qapu Palace in Esfahan.

Chris enjoying a break on the Palace patio. Esfahan, Iran.

I love the detail. Here is an example of the excellent craftsmanship in the Palace. Esfahan, Iran.

This mosque is found in Naqsh-e Jahan Square in Esfahan. Back in the day only women could worship inside.

Yazd, Iran

Chris wanted to take the picture from the perfect angle, but his guy beat him to it.

Laura trying her best to help keep the historical fort of Shiraz from falling.

Checkout the mannequins of Shiraz. This wasn't even the best of them. Lots have real eye lashes, eye liner and hair styles ranging from the 1950's greaser to 1990's raver.

This lady befriended Chris and I on the bus from Yazd to Shiraz. She even gave me some hair clips and wanted a photo taken with me.

Here I am modeling the hair clip the lady gave me. Unfortunately it was so big it didn't fit in my bag (wink) so I had to leave it behind.

The courtyard of our hotel in Yazd, Iran. It cost ~$40 CAN/night.

 Beautiful Yazd, Iran.

Have you ever seen such a huge meat rotisserie? This was in a place called 110 Burgers in Shiraz, Iran.

A typical Iranian hotel breakfast consists of a hard boiled egg, cream cheese, thin bread, jams and tea.

Here's proof that we have sent postcards to LOTS of people! This is only the batch of postcards we mailed from Iran. To date, we've sent postcards from Turkey, Italy, Morocco, Romania, Iran and Thailand. Hope you guys have enjoyed them! If you haven't received one it's probably because I don't have your mailing address. All you gotta do is send it to me and a postcard will be coming your way.Â