If you haven't stuck your head out of a slow moving train and tried to catch leaves off of passing trees in the Romanian mountains, then you just haven't lived, man.

As promised, here are some shots of our time in Romania. We only had a week there, so were only able to make it to Bucharest and Transylvania. Lucky for us, we also enjoyed some time with a fellow we met through CouchSurfing. Fatih is from Turkey, but is working in Bucharest. We had a great time with him and his friend Edit. Thanks again Fatih!

Our host in Bucharest, Fatih. He's a scholar and a gentleman. This was taken in the Palace of Parliament, ostensibly the second largest building in the world, behind the Pentagon.

Laura channels her inner dictator from the balcony of the Parliament Palace.

The view from the top. At one time Bucharest was known as Little Paris, but some 35% of the old city was torn to the ground during the communist era to make way for wide boulevards and government buildings.

Fatih again, on the balcony.

And Laura.

Bucharest is a strange mix of old and new, communist tenements and giant billboards.

A boy sells flowers to motorists at a red light.

Fatih took us to the Romanian Village Life Museum. It's like Heritage Park, but with black churches..

Laura and Fatih put their heads together.

Say what?!

Bucharest's contradictions and complexities were strangely beautiful.

Art deco, art nouveau, it's all here.

Tenements and billboards.

We took a train a few hours north into Transylvania. This is Brasov (Brash-ow). Notice the Hollywood-style sign on the mountain.

Laura takes a video clip from the gondola.

The view on the way up.

The Brasov sign from another angle.

Brasov felt very Germanic. It was really nice.

This castle is in Bran. And while Vlad Tepes, the inspiration for Bram Stoker's Dracula, never lived here, we could use our imaginations. Actually the setting couldn't be less dark and spooky. It was very pleasant.

Rapunzel, let down your hair.

Laura, looking beautiful as always.

Okay. We’re off to Nemrut Dagi, here in Turkey, so I have to sign off. We have some big news about some changes to our travel plans over the next few months, so stay tuned.