Images of fast moving clouds blackening the sky and a lightning bolt allowing me to see the silhouette of the castle  in front of me raced through my mind. Chris and I were about to visit Bran Castle, one of the magnificent castles of Romania. My imagination was going wild. I couldn’t help it. Dracula was on my brain.  Although he is a fictional character created by Bram Stocker, he was loosely based off a real man named Vlad Tepes Dracula.  Living back in the 1400’s, Dracula was the prince of Wallachia, a historical region of Romania which on a modern map would encompass the entire southern half of the country. He was also known as “Vlad the Impaler” due to his cruel way of killing his enemy.  According to the Lonely Planet (although if this trip has taught me anything, it’s taught me to not trust every word in…Continue Reading
Currently Chris and I are in a hotel room in Diyarbakir in eastern Turkey. I thought I could post a bunch of random photos for you guys to enjoy. They cover all sorts of different things and times during our trip, including our Sahara trek, Italy, Morocco and Turkey. We plan on heading into Iran in three days and apparently Internet is very hard to come by, so I’ll try to get a few posts ready to be published automatically throughout the next week. I promise we will try our best to let you know how it’s going and our where abouts in Iran. I know how nervous some of you are about us going there, and how jealous the rest of you are. Ha, ha. Anyways, for now, enjoy these photos. Ciao! -Laura-  
As promised, here are some shots of our time in Romania. We only had a week there, so were only able to make it to Bucharest and Transylvania. Lucky for us, we also enjoyed some time with a fellow we met through CouchSurfing. Fatih is from Turkey, but is working in Bucharest. We had a great time with him and his friend Edit. Thanks again Fatih! Okay. We’re off to Nemrut Dagi, here in Turkey, so I have to sign off. We have some big news about some changes to our travel plans over the next few months, so stay tuned.  
I’m sitting on a comfy bed in our quaint hotel room in Brasov, Romania.  Located within the old city walls, we can almost touch the house across from us. We took a four-hour train ride here yesterday from the Romanian capital, Bucharest. After our time in Madrid and Morocco, it was refreshing to see the lush environment, farmer’s fields, foot hills and tree covered mountains out the train window.  The first thing I noticed about the buildings and houses outside of Bucharest were the roofs. They reminded me of a mixture between a barn and architecture commonly found in Germany. However, within Bucharest we were constantly surrounded by massive, sad looking apartment complexes from the communist era, huge public parks and the few buildings  (like the ones below) that survived the 35% demolition of the city by communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu when he built numerous communist blocks. Prior to his…Continue Reading
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Hi all, I figured we owed you all a proper update outlining our plans for the next little while, aside from the cryptic reference to detours and cheap flights in the last post. On April 26 we will be leaving Lanciano, heading north on a train to a town near Milan called Piacenza. Laura’s friend Christine will be living there by then, and we plan to visit with her for about 8 days before boarding a flight out of Milan for Casablanca, Morocco (!). This will be our first time in Africa and we are really excited. The Morocco plan only came about because we discovered some outrageously cheap EasyJet flights from Milan. After a bit of research, we learned just how affordable Morocco can be to travel in, and figured “why not?” After three weeks in Morocco, on May 24 we will be flying to Madrid, Spain (another really…Continue Reading