Laura wants to share lots of random photos with you

Currently Chris and I are in a hotel room in Diyarbakir in eastern Turkey. I thought I could post a bunch of random photos for you guys to enjoy. They cover all sorts of different things and times during our trip, including our Sahara trek, Italy, Morocco and Turkey.

We plan on heading into Iran in three days and apparently Internet is very hard to come by, so I’ll try to get a few posts ready to be published automatically throughout the next week. I promise we will try our best to let you know how it’s going and our where abouts in Iran. I know how nervous some of you are about us going there, and how jealous the rest of you are. Ha, ha.

Anyways, for now, enjoy these photos. Ciao! -Laura-

The giant heads at the top of Nemrut Dagi in eastern Turkey. Behind them is an enormous mound, which Chris and I found even more impressive than the heads, because every little stone was put there by humans. It is supposedly the burial mound of the king, although no one really knows if his remains are truly underneath it.
One of the lions guarding the burial mound of Nemrut Dagi in eastern Turkey.
Chris pointing out that various types of cigarettes were listed in the dessert section in a restaurant in Brasov, Romania.
A lovely gate in Fez, Morocco.
A stop sign in Morocco.
Fez, Morocco.
An excellent example of the craftsmanship of Morocco found in the detail of a door.
Minutes before leaving camp and starting our 60 kilometer trek.
I laugh so hard when I look at this photo, I cry. Look at Chris! Poor guy is all beet down from the Sahara. This is him taking his last few steps of the 60 kilometer walk. Behold, the Erg Chigaga dunes lie just ahead of him.
Chris resting and Rashid cooking during our first lunch break of our 3-day trek through the Sahara.
Yeah! We’re on camels! As you can see I was extremely happy.
I’m riding a full loaded camel down a mini-dune. It was a little scary.  It gets your heart going and blood pumping a little to remind you that you’re alive.  That was a lot of weight on those thin camel legs.
Our camels and guide, Rashid, in the Sahara desert in Morocco.
Sahara desert, Morocco.
Chris walking through the Sahara desert.
Sahara desert trek. Note, you don’t ride the camels unless you arrange to pay for another camel so that you can ride instead of walk. This was not made clear to us before we started our journey. Ah well, it’s one walk I’ll never forget. 
This is Amezrou, the old Jewish kasbah near Zagora, Morocco.
Chris and Mohammad, the man who arranged our 4-night, 3-day Sahara trek.  He was very friendly.
Chris took this shot.
Marrakech, Morocco.
Marrakech, Morocco.
Marrakech, Morocco.
Essaouira, Morocco.
A candle holder in the Gothic cathedral in Milano, Italy.
A cyclist in Piacenza, Italy.
Chris looking handsome as ever at the top of Nemrut Dagi in eastern Turkey.


5 responses to “Laura wants to share lots of random photos with you”

  1. Jon Roe Avatar
    Jon Roe

    I love the photos in this post Laura, keep up the good work.

    1. Laura Beauchamp Avatar
      Laura Beauchamp

      Thanks Jon! That makes me happy. I’m keep givin’ it my best. 🙂

  2. Hey Chris and Laura,

    I’m loving the photos!!! It looks like you two are having a wild time!


  3. Christine Campbell Avatar
    Christine Campbell

    Great shots Laura! I especially like the cyclist 😉 Be safe in Iran! I can’t wait to see photos and hear stories from there! What are your big travel plan changes??

    1. Wow Christine! You’ve turned into our biggest commenter. Congratulations! Did you get our package yet? That’s your prize!

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