Vancouver Aquarium

It costs 22 Canadian bucks for an adult to visit the Vancouver aquarium but it’s worth it. They take remarkably good care of their tanks and creatures of all shapes and sizes. Ever seen a Beluga whale? How about  sea horses or a prehistoric fish that’s about 6 feet long and 1.5 feet wide? If you haven’t then you need to go the Vancouver Aquarium.

I thoroughly enjoyed the way the aquarium presented their written material. The descriptions were short and memorable. They also have some awesome interactive exhibits such as video sequences that you can control the speed of, in order to see just how fast the reflexes are of different creatures.

Scales of a prehistoric fish. This is only one small portion of its body. Photo by Chris Beauchamp.

I had the best time learning random facts like there are 24 species of Piranha but only 3 species even pose a threat to humans and that’s only if you wade through a shallow pond of water where the fish are most likely irritable because they are cramped and hungry. However, if you went into the Amazon River and encountered Piranhas they’d probably swim right by. I was also fascinated to learn that Sole are born looking like a normal fish, with an eye on each side of the body, but as they mature one of their eyes migrates to the other side of the body to be next to the other eye! Amazing!

If you plan on visiting the aquarium and you find yourself hungry while you’re there, I suggest the hot dog vendor only meters from the front door of the museum. It’s a lot cheaper then the snack bar inside.

The shark dance! Photo by Chris Beauchamp
Photo by Chris Beauchamp
Jelly-belly. Photo by Chris Beauchamp


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