Photo Update!

It’s been a long week since Christmas. We are both pretty much dead tired, but at least our move is over. Our cat Zappa is in his new home, and we are heading north on the Red Arrow bus to Edmonton. This actually marks us finally leaving Calgary behind.

On the morning of New Years’ Eve, we woke up and loaded our 16′ rental truck before heading over the Rocky Mountains at noon. The drive was grueling, with blowing snow, oncoming darkness, and three delays due to road accidents, but we made it in time to celebrate New Years with my folks.

Unfortunately, we spent New Years Day doing pretty much the same thing all over again, except this time it involved unloading the truck and driving east across the mountains to return it. The weather was actually worse on the way back, but we made it okay.

Today we had a chance to do a photo shoot with a friend of ours for a web project I’m working on (more later) and even got to see the inside of an Avro Lancaster WWII bomber plane.

In the cockpit of a Lancaster:


A huge thanks to Kat and Tait for the help packing and cleaning, and of course the same to my folks for letting us store everything in their tiny storage space on such short notice. Also, thanks Auntie Cher for taking Zappa!

The misty mountains:


Car crash #1 (this could have been us, but luckily it wasn’t):


Snapped this while driving past. Safety first!


Our giant pile of junk, hauled away by other people so we didn’t have to:





One response to “Photo Update!”

  1. Loredana Ciavardini Avatar
    Loredana Ciavardini

    Just checked out the blog Laura. DANG!
    You guys are going to have such an amazing time! What a fabulous idea!!
    And …I love the photos. I like your work Chris, I’m going to have to check out your Flickr page.
    Wishing you all the best,
    P.S. I’m pretty jealous you got to hang out in a Lancaster! I only ever got to hold op a picture 😛

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