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Hey all,

For those interested, I thought I’d throw up a quick update of our latest travel plans (sure to change again). We’re reconsidering going to Iran given the current escalation of anti-government sentiment in the past couple of weeks. We’ll see how stable things are when we get closer to the Turkey/Iran border, as well as see what other travelers are saying, but it doesn’t look too likely. As such, we’re thinking we will explore Turkey as much as possible before heading west across the Aegean to Greece. From the Peloponnese, we will be taking a ferry to Italy and making our way up the Adriatic coast to Lanciano, where Laura went to high school. She still has connections there with her good friend Cris, and we may stay for a bit, as well as do some short trips into Rome and/or Florence. From there, barring any unforeseen plans (Eastern Europe anyone?) we will fly to India to continue the eastward portion of our trip. We still want to go to Nepal, and are open to other trips in the region. Our final destination still remains Thailand to teach.


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  1. Christine Campbell Avatar
    Christine Campbell

    Hey Guys!

    I’m glad all is going well!! I was just wondering when you’re planning on being in Italy? I’ll be living in Piacenza as of early April till about June or July, so if you need a free place to live and don’t mind a rabbit stop on by! Or I’ll try and meet you in Lanciano and we’ll have some beers 🙂 Miss you!


    1. We love beer and free places to live. We’ll be in touch when we figure out what’s happening after Turkey. It’s more expensive then we imagined and fear we might have to skip Greece! That means we’ll be in Italy a lot sooner….if at all (I hate to say it). We have to weight our options.

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