Phnom Penh, Cambodia (where we ate some tarantulas!)

Tuol Sleng Museum. During the Cambodian Genocide (1975-79), this former school was turned into the main prison in the Phnom Penh area. Several thousand people were kept here, interrogated, tortured, and eventually shipped off to the nearby killing fields at places like Choeung Ek (which we also visited). I’ll post more on this eventually.
Running boy, Phnom Penh.
Scooter family, Phnom Penh.


Cell Block (former classrooms), Tuol Sleng Prison Museum.
Chains remain. Cell Block (former classrooms), Tuol Sleng Prison Museum.
Cell Block (former classrooms), Tuol Sleng Prison Museum. The cells are simple brick construction. Since prisoners were kept continually shackled at the ankles, they didn\’t have to worry about having the cell walls go all the way to the ceiling.
Cell Block (former classrooms), Tuol Sleng Prison Museum.
Some of the kids of the Friends International organization. They operate several NGO projects in the country, focused on giving street kids a way out. Some of the more interesting projects include running two restaurants in Phnom Penh as teaching institutions where these kids can learn cooking and service to become part of Cambodias growing tourism business. We ate at both restaurants and had a wonderful time at each. The food was amazing, and the service was very, very sincere and friendly. The menus are quite unique too…
Take this interesting dish for example: Deep-fried tarantula with black pepper and lime. (yes, it is real)
Laura and her new spider friend.
Crunch! That look of woe is sincere, by the way.
Mmmmm. Tastes like chicken.


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  1. Jon Roe Avatar
    Jon Roe

    That’s terrifying. I can’t even believe you did that. I couldn’t even stand to be in the room one time when my friends ate a scorpion that came in a tequila bottle.

  2. Thanks for giving in to my request. Unfortunately my imagination was nothing compared to seeing you eat them. GROSS!! I can’t wait for Dean to see the blog tomorrow when he wakes up! Very Cool of you guys by the way! Please do NOT bring us home any deep fried souvenirs! xoxo Kel

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