This is a mixture of video clips and photographs taken during our trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia in August 2010. The creation of the video and the footage was taken by Laura Beauchamp. The featured photographs were taken by Chris Beauchamp. The video was made using iMovie. Laura was feeling cheesy when she made it so she used the “Photograph Album” video template. She also apologizes for the glitches in the sound, she’s looking into a solution. Siem Reap, Cambodia from Chris Beauchamp on Vimeo.  
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Wow! We are coming home soooo soon. We’re going back to Angkor Wat again today (we spent yesterday out there), and then moving on to Bangkok tomorrow. We’ll post more, including about a bazillion photos as soon as we can free up some time. Check back soon! Cheers, Chris  
We are in Cambodia as of earlier today, following less than a week in Vietnam. It’s been really disappointing to have to see this part of the world on such a short timeline, but on the other hand Laura and I are both mentally ready to head home and begin the life we have up next. Blogging has been a little light around here, but I hope you’ll bear with us. I have been working hard with a good friend of mine to build the first of two websites I will need to have in place to make a proper go in Grande Prairie of the creative work I do. Once these projects are ready to show off, I will be able to go back and catch up on some of the blogging I’ve had to miss. I’ll certainly make time in the next few days for a photo-roundup or…Continue Reading
Hey guys, Laura and I are finally in Vietnam. As many of you already know, she started showing some symptoms of dengue fever when we were in Luang Prabang, Laos. Our original plan was to take a bus from there to Hanoi, in the north of Vietnam, but Dengue is not something you want to mess around with, and since Luang Prabang (and most of Laos) has virtually zero modern healthcare, we decided to head to the capital Vientiane instead. Luckily, by the time we got there, Laura’s fever had passed and her other symptoms calmed down. Facing another epic (24-30 hour) bus ride to get from Vientiane to Vietnam, we caved and bought some plane tickets via the north of Thailand to Ho Chi Minh City instead (via Bangkok). We are rapidly running out of time on this little journey of ours, and the consequence is that we will…Continue Reading