The Thai island life

Longtail boatman, Ko Phi Phi Lei.

I’m sorting through some of the photographs I’m carrying around on my laptop from seven months on the road, and I realized there are a bunch of shots from the Thai islands that I haven’t put up here yet. So here are a few. Enjoy!

The fishies. Laura shot this one. We rented an underwater camera (just a lowly point and shoot unfortunately) during our dive training and took turns trying to get some shots. It's very difficult, especially for novice divers.
Laura passes her fins up to one of the boat crew (who snapped this after we passed the camera up). The rest of the photos are all mine, I swear!
Jess and Julian, a couple we met in dive school.
Laura doing the traditional Thai greeting, or "wei."
Fire dancer! (on Ko Tao)
The overnight ferry ride between Ko Tao and the mainland. It was pretty cramped, but the rocking of the boat and the sleeping mat were far better than any overnight bus we've taken to date. I slept like a baby.
Sunset, Ko Phi Phi Lei. This is "the Beach," of book and movie fame.
We slept under the stars on Phi Phi Lei, at least until the rain kicked in. One of the single best experiences for me of our entire journey was the night swimming here, after everyone else had gone to bed. To float, alone, in the lagoon while staring up at the brilliant night sky… words cannot explain it.
The Phi Phi Lei crew. These were the folks who did the overnight trip with us. Most people visit the island by day only, since it is a national park. But one company has permission to bring small groups over for the night. (damn, I spoke too soon. This was shot by one of the guides)
One of our Thai guides.
Laura takes the plunge, jumping bravely from the upper boat deck into the sea. The snorkelling around Ko Phi Phi was unreal. Better in fact than the diving we did on Ko Tao.


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  1. We want to make a request for you to post a picture of the tarantula and the AK-47!! Dean hates spiders and is disgusted that you ate one!!!
    xoxoxo Kelli

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