Days 5-6: More images from Vegas

A little hands-on shooting time with the Hoffers. This was kind of a mock engagement shoot, but it was also kinda real. The couple pictured here got engaged on day one, in front of all of us. It was pretty romantic, and epic, and rad.

Writing is hard, so I’m going to crap out and just share some more images from the workshop we just finished.

Laura and I are currently at Bryce Canyon National Park. The scenery we drove through yesterday was as gorgeous as it was varied. More on that later. Just want to thank everyone checking out the blog while we’re away. We love your comments.

Peace Out,

Laura, looking lovely. That fellow with the reflector on our left is our new buddy Travis from Tucson.
Joel and Emily, all sweet and in love. Crazy kids.
Tony Hoffer, who normal towers over every one at 6'4" or so, isn't afraid to get low for the shot.
Group posing with Sam Hassas.
Group posing with Sam Hassas.
"Think of it like a game of Tetris."
Sometimes it's best to show rather than tell…
Amy Dale!
Our buddy Amer, not sad in real life.
We could see the Luxor pyramid's light beam from our courtyard at the workshop mansions.


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  1. someone got that new lens they were talking about!!

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