Day 4: Genesis…

Me, in a Vegas limo. This photo by Laura.

Hmmmm… How do you sum up the Genesis Workshop in a few sentences? With the awesome people we met? With the ridiculous Vegas mansions we stayed in? With the calibre of photographic and business instruction we received? I don’t know. My head is still spinning from it all. One thing I can say: this year our photographic work and business approach are going to a whole new level, and we can’t wait to see that happen.

More on that eventually, both here and on our Beauchamp Photography blog.

For now, how about some photos from our first full day in Vegas…

Thanks to Laura's prowess at the 1 cent slots, we were up 5 whole dollars when she cashed out this crisp, cocaine-dusted $20 bill.

Group Facebook status update: "I can't believe Chris Beauchamp is taking my photo!! LOL!!!"

We actually had limo rides to and from the strip. These guys spare no expense in the name of learning…

Instructor Shoot Out with Sam Hassas, model Shelly, and an interested old lady. This is on the Old Vegas Strip. Way more character than the giant shopping mall that is the New Vegas Strip.

The old lady wasn't the only person interested in what we were up to…

Magic shutter speed: 1/13…

New friend Jose Mundo, looking brooding and sophisticated.

Fellow Canadian, Patrick Horsfield.

Sarah, Tiffany, and Sara, fellow photogs.

Some more hands-on shooting with Sam Hassas. This session: Rembrandt window light.
Photographer, models, and Genestudents looking on.


6 responses to “Day 4: Genesis…”

  1. Love the status updates on the phones from me, amy and spencer. So true. Had a blast getting to know you and Laura. I consider you guys among my closest new friends from Genesis !

    1. Us too Travis. We shall meet again!

  2. So good guys. You’re B&W conversions are creammmy.

  3. SO jealous, hope you guys are learning lots and having fun, which it looks like you are doing.

    1. Done, and done, Sean. Thanks.

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