Hey! If you’re reading this, then I’ll assume you’ve been digging the blog. How about sharing the love back to us.

One of the photos I took in February and posted on this blog is a finalist in a photo contest over at IstanbulEats.com. Please vote for my pic here, by emailing istanbuleats3@gmail.com with the subject heading “Turkey Vote Chris Simit”.

There are some good photos entered, so I don’t really expect to win, but the prizes include dinner in Istanbul, and since we are heading back that way in a few weeks, you’ll be helping to feed some hungry travelers. They ask you to only vote once. The contest closes on the 18th of May, so go vote now (and tell your friends)!



p.s. – Simit are the type of Turkish bread rings the vendor in the photo is pushing around.

p.p.s. – We are almost certainly still out in the desert when this post gets published (I set it up to publish while we were in Marakesh. Talk to you all soon!)