Who says every post has to be a long-winded rant? Here’s a few pictures I took on top of a mountain when we were in Turkey!

The slightly mad King who had this place constructed had statues made representing the major gods, his brethren, and then placed his own statue among them, of course. This one is one of the gods.

It really is a strange place. The head on the left is the King

Tourists throng this place at sunset and sunrise, even though it's three hours from civilization, and that means doing crazy things like getting up at 2 am. We were lucky because we stayed on the mountain; we got to sleep in till 4 am!

Laura Beauchamp, International Adventure Photographer (for hire).

The little building was the hotel we stayed in on top of the mountain. The pyramidal shape on the horizon is the manmade pile of rubble that crowns the peak.