Laws broken within the first 48-hours in Iran



It sure is getting hot wearing my head scarf and the knee length “manto” (a.k.a. thin jacket). It is the law for me to wear a head scarf. I have some other ones you’ll see me modeling in future photos.  Cultural pressure and local fashion make me feel like I should wear the manto.

People sure stare as us a lot with curiosity. Many people say “hello” as we walk by or they stop us on the side walk to say “Hello. How are you? Welcome to my city and to Iran. Where are you from?” They are the most friendly, curious people I’ve ever encountered.

My favorite things here are the fruit shakes and the baked goods. They are both delicious.

The other night to help relieve some of my culture shock I searched Chris’s computer for some up beat music. I found Michael Buble! Ah, love that guy. His voice and energy put a wonderful bit of joy and cheer in my heart. While I listened, I bounced around the room as I packed and prepared for the day.

I was shocked when Chris told me western music is illegal here (according to the Lonely Planet). I wonder how many laws I broke in the first 48-hours in Iran? Today my headscarf slipped off while I was napping on the bus. I woke to a young woman giggling at me from another seat. Hee, hee. Ooooppps.

I really got a kick out of this statue outside the bus terminal in Hamedan, Iran. I just had to get a photo with them.


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  1. Hi,

    This made me laugh. I spent three and a half weeks traveling around Iran solo last September, and it’s amazing how many laws you can be breaking at any one time (my record, at least that I was aware of, was seven at the same time). I wish i’d blogged about my trip there his to show how wrongly the country is perceived in the West. I’ve never met more welcoming and friendly people, and will be going back hopefully in March, when I’ll have to brave the visa process in Turkey. It only took me five days in Australia, from the day I requested the authorization code (I used the same agency) to the day that my passport was returned with the visa. It sounds like it won’t be so easy this time!

  2. Well, stay out of trouble eh? You know what Western music leads to? Charlie Sheen. What more evidence do you need? Haha, anyway, this answers my question as to whether or not said clothing is really hot in the sun. Stay safe, and have fun!

    1. Laura Beauchamp Avatar
      Laura Beauchamp

      Hi Martin. In some ways long sleeves and baggy clothing can keep you cooler in hot environments, like when we hiked through the Sahara. However I find this particular outfit of the black jacket, pants and head scarf quite hot in the cities of Iran. Perhaps it’s a combination of the pollution, lack of breeze and lack of breathable material. Although yesterday when only wearing a bra under my jacket I found the day quite pleasant. Hee, hee.

  3. Jon Roe Avatar
    Jon Roe

    You should’ve brought along copies of Footloose along to teach the Iranians about the power of dance, Western music and Kenny Loggins.

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