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We are most likely in Esfahan as you read this, but all of these photos are from Tehran. I haven’t felt very comfortable pulling out my SLR here, so I’ve been using the point-shoot camera. Perhaps that feeling is irrational. Either way, all the photos I have posted here are from our little point-shoot, which makes taking indiscriminate photos incredible easy.

We visited the Behesht-E Zahra cemetery, the main resting place for men who died during the Iran-Iraq War (1980-88). There are also regular citizens buried here. The graves stretch on for kilometers. Many have corrugated metal roofs constructed over them to protect them from the blistering heat. It was stifling when we were walking around.
A glass case containing some flowers and a photo of the soldier who lays to rest just below. One of the many men who lost his life during the Iran-Iraq War.
The holy shrine of His Holiness Imam Khomeini. The building is massive and even contains stores and restaurants. The four towers are 91 meters high. They symbolize the age of Khomeini when he died. Â We entered and saw Imam Khomeini's tomb.
We met this old man in a park. He asked if we would sit and speak English with him so he could practice. He is entirely self-taught. He showed us his "News Week" from 2003, which he is reading to improve his English. He had various words and sentenced underlined that he doesn't understand, simply waiting for the opportunity to ask a native English speaker the meaning. He was truly amazing and inspirational for his skill with language.
One of the door ways of the enormous Tehran Bazaar.
The Imam Khomeini Mosque is located within the Tehran Bazaar. As we stood in front of the mosque an attendant approached us and offered us a complimentary pastry. The baking here is simply phenomenal. I was more than happy to take one.
An interesting doorway within the Tehran Bazaar.
Chris walking down the main corridor of the Tehran Bazaar. Unfortunately it was closed, so we made sure to come back the next day when it was packed solid and impossible for me to get a shot like this.


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