Here's a picture of Mimoun the Camel!!!!

Our Biggest Adventure Yet! (drumroll please)

Hey gang,

Chris and Laura here again. Well, we’ve been teasing all of you with subtle mentions of our big news. If you’ve been following along for the past several months, you’ll know that our plans have already changed more than once, so one more big change shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Our original plan was to wrap up our travels in Thailand, where we would settle down for a year and teach English. But life has a way of surprising you.

In mid-May, Laura got a message on Facebook and it changed the course of our life. Instead of magical Thailand, the “Land of Smiles,” we had a new option: a place with a strange and unique local culture; with extreme weather that some people only dream about.

This place just sounded so interesting and challenging from a traveller’s perspective we simply couldn’t say no. Fresh air, a vast and open blue sky, the shinning sun reflecting off the glistening ground, huge lakes nearby, and wildlife practically outside your front door. The people are completely unique. Some of their traditions and outlooks on the world may seem backward to big-city westerners like us, but every traveler knows that you can’t bring your own value judgements to a new place.

And to top it off it involves jobs for each of us and a home again.

The Facebook message reopened a dialogue between us and Laura’s ex-boss Brian. At the end of that dialogue, Laura accepted the job as the education manager of a fascinating new project, a new dinosaur museum! That means she gets to do what she loves to do! And Chris gets the same thing: finally a chance to start up his own business and throw himself at photography and design work. It also turns out, miraculously, that two of our dear friends from home are moving there shortly as well.

It’s a big commitment. To secure her salary, Laura signed a two-year contract, so this new adventure is an even bigger decision than our Thailand plans. The museum doesn’t exist yet and probably won’t for 2-3 more years, but in the meantime she will be constructing the education department and programs from the ground. This is such a wonderful opportunity for her and her career. She’s so excited! Chris is pumped too, both for Laura’s opportunity, and for his own.

So where is this magical land? Maybe some of you have started guessing, “China perhaps?” There are dinosaurs there. But no, this place is far more exotic.

We’re moving to…

We thought you'd enjoy these pretty flowers!!!!!!

Wait for it…

Chris has already started branding and website design for his work, but there's a ton more to do.

You’ll know soon…

Here's a picture of Mimoun the Camel!!!!
Here's a picture of Mimoun the Camel!!!!

We’re moving to… Grande Prairie in northwestern Alberta, Canada! That’s right folks, we are moving back to Canada in late August. Laura will be working with her old boss, Brian Brake, from The Military Museums at the new River of Death and Discovery Dinosaur Centre. Chris will be making a hard go as a wedding photographer, web and graphic designer. We have a ton of work to do in both getting moved, settled, setting up a new business, and throwing ourselves at our new opportunities. We’ll be sad to leave the road behind, but mostly happy to have a home again. Unfortunately this news means we won’t be making it to India or Nepal this time around, but if you’ve enjoyed the blog, don’t fret. There is plenty to share from our new lives in the “Land of Testicles Hanging from Underneath Giant Pickup Trucks.” Our friends Phil and Marcia are also moving up there, as Phil is going to be the head paleontologist of the project. Some of you may vaguely remember Grande Prairie from old blog posts. Yes, it is the place Chris jokingly referred to as “the other armpit of Alberta,” and it’s also the place that had the coldest temperatures in the province when we were there last (-32 degrees Celsius), but it’s home to Chris’ sister Kelli, and her wonderful pack of kids.

So there you have it, our big news.

We fully intend on posting photos and telling stories of the journeys and adventure of moving to northern Alberta, but before then you can expect stories and photos from Thailand, Vietnam and perhaps Cambodia and Laos before we come home. We leave Iran on July 10 to fly to Bangkok. We are both dreaming of the beach and a few cold bottles of beer.

Chris and Laura

p.s. – Just a reminder that we can’t access Facebook in Iran. If you want to let us know what you think of our plans, please do so in the comments.

p.p.s – This is our 100th post on the blog!

Bright blue sky? Check. Glistening ground? Check. Four feet of snow? Fuck.
The regional cuisine is something else we can look forward to.


22 responses to “Our Biggest Adventure Yet! (drumroll please)”

  1. Teresa Dewitt Avatar
    Teresa Dewitt

    Wow, that is really exciting news! It is going to be an awesome museum & what a great opportunity.

    Enjoy the rest of your travels until August.

    1. Laura Beauchamp Avatar
      Laura Beauchamp

      Hi Teresa. So nice to hear from you! You’re such a sweetheart. We are trying our best to keep up our energy, it gets tough after this many months of travel. However we are thinking sunbathing and relaxing on a Thai beach might do just the trick. Thanks for the b-day wishes doll. Give your little one a kiss for me. Ciao for now. -Laura-

  2. Hey Marcia, the first time I read your post I thought you said Moose Hunting!

    Glad to see you all moving up there together, already having a pool of friends up there will make all the difference. Exciting stuff!

  3. Hooray!

    Although Grande Prairie is still a bit far from Calgary for my liking (c’mon, it’s almost as far as Vancouver — and without an ocean!), I suppose it’s a reasonable compromise if it means I get to see you guys before summers’ end. Are you planning on spending time in fair cowtown before the move? Or should I be booking time off for a summer roadtrip to GP? 😉

    Can’t wait to see you!

    P.S. Each time you post a picture of Mimoun I have to resist the urge to photoshop him into a LolCamel.

    1. No guarantees about Cowtown in the summer yet, I’m afraid. Of course we’d love top get there, especially to see Laura’s family of course, but we might have our hands full with the move. At the very least, we plan on doing some sort of roadtrip down as soon as we can in the fall.

      So… start booking some time off.

    2. Laura Beauchamp Avatar
      Laura Beauchamp

      It doesn’t look like we’ll be able to visit Calgary before heading up to GP. So yes, PLEASE, book some time off! I wish it was closer to Calgary, or to anything, too. Ha,ha. Can’t wait to give you a big hug Kate. “hoda hafez” -Laura-

  4. Catriona Avatar

    Hi Laura and Chris!

    It’s Cats, Cris’ friend from Toronto. I haven’t met either of you yet but have heard many adoring things from Cris and can tell by the blog that you are a lovely couple! I just had a big catch up on your blog since first adding Laura on FB when you were inLanciano and I have to stay you guys have succeeded in feeding my travel beast inside. I am crafting up my own trip for the beginning of 2011. Your posts are just brilliant and it is really interesting for me to hear in particular about Iran after having spent a year working at an immigration law firm dealing exclusively with Iranian clients. It was neat to hear about all the places I grew to know through correspondence with the clients and pin pointing on a giant map of Iran in my office.

    Congrats on your news, life sounds full and exciting for you both! Cheers for sharing your adventures, it is a real treat to read about.

    1. Wow! Thanks Cat. What a nice message. Iranians are some of the nicest people on earth, as I’m sure you know. You should come here without hesitation. Where else are you planning to travel?

      Anyway, glad we could inspire. We’ll have to get together if we ever make it out to T.O.

    2. Laura Beauchamp Avatar
      Laura Beauchamp

      Hi Cat. You’re such a sweetie. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog and I feel honoured that Chris and I could inspire and feed the travel beast within you. Look forward to the day that we can have an adventure with you and Cris. Ciao. – Laura –

  5. Katy Anderson Avatar
    Katy Anderson

    Mimoun the Camel? Congratulations, sounds like a great learning experience, you brave bastards. Enjoy the rest of your time On The Road.

    1. Yeah. Mimoun the Camel. YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT? Punk.

    2. Laura Beauchamp Avatar
      Laura Beauchamp

      Miss you too Katy. Get this, you were in my dream last night! It was nice to hangout with you again, even if it was only in a dream. Ha, ha. Um, homesick? Me? Well….okay, I am.

  6. *tear* *sniff*
    you two are truley blessed…

    1. Laura Beauchamp Avatar
      Laura Beauchamp

      It’s ridiculous isn’t it. I just hope the shit doesn’t hit the fan to hard when it does. 🙂

  7. Marcia Avatar

    Best news announcement ever… We’re headed up to the great metropolis this weekend to begin house hunting. Miss you guys and would love to see some of the places you’re at but SO happy I don’t have to wear a headscarf. I’d be a terrible Muslim. Anyway, Congrats!

  8. Errr…Congratulations…?
    Just kidding, of course. About the hesitation. Miss the hell outta you two. Hope you held out for the big bucks and looking forward to seeing you sooner than expected. -T

    1. Laura Beauchamp Avatar
      Laura Beauchamp

      Thank Tait. We miss you a lot, and really can’t wait to enjoy some steak and beer with you. As soon as we own a couch or a spare bed we’ll let you know. 😉 Ciao for now and see you soon. Yeah!

  9. Brad Halasz Avatar
    Brad Halasz

    Hey Guys! That’s awesome your Alberta Bound! I’ve been reading your blog most of the way and am blown away by both the writing/photo skills and the experiences you have had on your trips. Keep it up!

    1. Laura Beauchamp Avatar
      Laura Beauchamp

      Thanks Brad! Very much appreciated. Glad you’re enjoying the writing and photos. 🙂 I’ve never, ever thought of my self as much of a writer (that’s why I never wrote anything for the Gauntlet), so I’m glad you and others are actually enjoying it. – Laura –

  10. Christine Campbell Avatar
    Christine Campbell

    You know what is hilarious? I actually thought you guys were going to China and I was on the bus when I read it and I told my whole class that you guys were moving to China! Then I read on… hahaha and had to explain where Grande Prairie was 🙂 Anyways, it’s wicked!! You guys have such an amazing opportunity!! I’ll definitely come visit 😉 Miss you guys!!

    1. Laura Beauchamp Avatar
      Laura Beauchamp

      Ha, ha, ha. That’s great, telling them China and then having to explain where GP is. It would be wonderful if you visited Christine. You gotta! Miss you. – camel –

  11. Daniel Fleming Avatar
    Daniel Fleming

    That’s awesome!!!!! i think i recently read somewhere about a huge dinosaur find in Canada. That is an amazing opportunity and I am really happy for you two! Look forward to reading the future adventures!

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